Email Subject Lines That Work – Case Study #2

This is the second article in our 90-day subject line marathon here at EzineArticles. When you take part in this one-of-a-kind Internet event you’ll learn more about subject lines that get your emails opened in a week than you did last year alone.

Subject line example

A Little Mistake That Cost An Advertising Sales Rep $60,000 A Year

Here is my comment and why I think this line gets opened

What rep could pass up reading the message under such a subject line – to find out: "What was the mistake? Why was it ‘little’? Am I making it? If it cost a rep a loss of $60,000 a year, maybe it’s costing me a lot more? Perhaps the email will also tell me about other mistakes I might be making."

"Advertising Sales Rep"

They are our target market [niche audience] in this subject line example. So speak to their personal needs, wants and problems. Most advertising sales representatives are probably worried about making silly mistakes and want a "full-proof" way to spend their advertising budget, and get a return on investment.

This is where your subject line comes into play. Make it attractive, benefit-oriented, and inject a small sense of curiosity. You don’t have to make use of hyperbola or lie – turn common into outstanding.

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