How to prevent writers’ block

If you feel like you can’t think of any more ideas to write about then you probably have writers block. Writers block is a condition that many writers’ get throughout their careers; it means that you can no longer think of ideas to write about. Writers’ block happens to almost everyone who enjoys writing. I fear this happening to me, so I did some research and came up with my own ways to help prevent it. In writing it’s very important to come up with new ideas. So if you get stuck use these tips to help you overcome writers’ block. Keep reading if you are interested on preventing writers block.

  1. Tip Number One: Remind yourself why you started writing in the first place. Is it because you found joy and happiness in writing? Or was it because you found freedom and peace while you wrote? Well whichever your answer is, you just need to constantly remind yourself why you started. Continuing to find that happiness when you first started will help your mind grow and give you some new thoughts.
  2. Tip Number Two: Where do you write at? The place you write at may have become boring and dull to you, this could be why you have writers block. What I suggest when you get bored at the place you write is to go somewhere new, exciting, and quiet. Why not try out a bakery or coffee shop? They are both places many people go to get away from stress and just relax, try out one of these places for new ideas. Change of scenery will give you more ideas and more excitement about writing.
  3. Tip Number Three: Work on more than one article or story at a time. Working on different things at a once will give you more ideas on each article. Something I have learned throughout writing is how hard it is to get ideas and all it takes to get some more is a break! Go out and do something fun with your friends and think about writing but don’t stress about it. While you’re out and about think of new ideas you see and how you could use those in your writing. Remember writing is supposed to be fun not stressful all the time, yes it does cause stress but don’t let that discourage you.
  4. Tip Number Four: Set times for when you want to finish your writing. Setting goals for your writing will encourage you to write more and writing more will help you with ideas. Treat your writing as a normal job not as much as art, you will be surprised on how much you can accomplish under pressure. Having pressure put on your shoulders will make it easier to sit down and write.
  5. Tip Number Five: My last and final tip is to go look for ideas. Go on the internet, go to the library, and research things you would like to write about. Searching for ideas can actually lead you into some of your best ideas. Many times all I have to do is look at a simple picture and all these ideas will come pouring into my mind. I get very excited when I come up with new ideas and I can’t wait to write again, everyone who loves writing will get this amazing feeling. Go research and you will see all the good it will do for you.

Writing can be hard at times but just work through them like I said earlier and you will enjoy writing again. Writing is fun; if you don’t enjoy writing at all you could be doing it for the wrong reasons. I hope this list of tips on preventing writers’ block will help if not now but in the future. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy your writing career!

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