Are you Addicted to Writing?

  1. Always carry a notepad with you and a pen and start writing anything that you want to remember for later, so you have it handy
  2. Start writing first thing in the morning when you wake up. A good exercise is to write down the dreams while you’re still in bed and the dream is still fresh in your mind. Keep a dream journal – that is already creative writing.
  3. Start writing short things – try to write your ideas without spending lots of words and time. Time yourself and write for 5 minutes in one go and then stop.
  4. Set yourself a writing target for each day. This could be to spend one hour writing or write a chapter of a new book, or write 2 articles of 500 words each…whatever the goal might be, keep at it. But make your goal manageable so you don’t get discouraged from the start.
  5. At least initially reward yourself for every new goal achieved. A good pat on the back, on icecream, going out for a movie or listening to a favorite song can be great intrinsic motivators.

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