Car Wash Guys; A Franchising Case Study

The Car Wash Guys is a franchise system, which had never been done before in the Industry of Car Washing, as it was a mobile car wash. It started out in California with independent contractors and quickly grew to 53 units in 39 cities within a 4-year period and then the company decided to franchise the concept.

No such variation in this business structure or variation of franchising had ever been tried. The company had so many new and innovative ideas, that it was really hard to define in current business terms exactly what we are doing. For instance the Car Wash Guys corporate HQ was actually on wheels.

The Car Wash Guys franchise system was also run with no employees to cut down on cost and allow them to deliver a higher level of service using the new digital age. It was not until the end of the first three years that the corporate HQ of The Car Wash Guys even had one salaried employee, as every one else was either a consultant or independent contractor.

The Car Wash Guys had many market sectors, they competed in. A Young , dynamic and aggressive company, the kind of company you do not see come along that often in the franchising realm. The customers loved them and the competition hates them. And the government did not know what to do with them, as they appeared to be between definitions of law and regulation. Amazing what new things entrepreneurial companies think of isn’t it. Think on this in 2006.

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