Syrian refugee girl to write her first novel in Dutch

When the weather is sunny, he takes her feet to the lake next to the house, Vtdahmha memory abundance of images, and imbue the papers in her lap words, and changed her mind several times and where to start the story.

Rasha Ahmed al-Hussein, which completed the year of the 13th, she was a student in middle school when I first heard the outbreak of the Syrian revolution in 2011, and did not imagine the day she would leave her to the Netherlands for asylum, reaching there, they do not carry in her memory only pictures of her house and the laughter of her school.

Rasha got lost in her new home, and stumbled into speech or answer the question of what happened to her and to the Syrians? I tried to express it through drawing, but to no avail, Vjaddedt attempt through music, and remained of the net, resorted to her pen and leaves skip from scratch tale of people from the moment of going out to demand freedom to the present moment, and how stranded, with the registration of suffering with asylum .

The heroine of the novel

Rasha "sea shades" chose a name for her novel, and chose the child Zain heroine of her, and says that the daughter of a doctor and owner of the hospital spent by shelling, forced adorned with her two sisters and her mother to flee to Europe by sea, but the boat is broken, leaving the rest of the family to Issarawa waves , escaping by Zain alone.

According to the writer, Zain reaches Greece and guaranteed by a Dutch family through the Red Cross, and fly them to the Netherlands, there Zine begin discovering its identity and suffering to the new environment.

Thus lists Rasha Zen experience in its brief 208 pages of the suffering of refugees direct language with some upgraders linguistic and semantic, because of the nature of the Dutch started the novel.


The completion of the novel about six months, took the writer says she wove set in a school, which was sitting in when it rained, or near a lake adjacent to her home when the weather is sunny library.

The father says, Rasha, a writer and former professor of Arabic language at the University of Damascus, said that his relationship with his daughter more like a friendship, and that he did not try to direct them straight to the practice of writing, but it created a climate to help them choose what suits them.

Her mother Germanic views, also a university professor in the Arabic language, says it is keen to provide a lifestyle devoid of any regulatory action that could affect the talent of her daughter, adding that she made her books help them to professional writing and industry scenario.

The young writer waiting for the release of the first printed copy of the novel, where he agreed to publish one of the largest publishing houses in the Netherlands, expects to release in October / October next year, saying it will devote sold to serve the Syrian refugees profits.

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