Is God or Religion a good topic to write about?

     Honestly, I am not a religious individual. (AT ALL!) From my point of view, religion has turned into a debate of "which path is the right path" and they all have uneducated people scared out of their wits, because they are told if you take the "wrong path" you are going to end up in a place like "Purgatory", or "Hell"… Who is to say for sure exactly which path is the correct one? If you are raised by strict Catholics, then you will believe like a Catholic. If you were raised by Pagans, then you wll believe like a Pagan. And so-on, and so-forth.

     A good example: A friend of mine just pased away only a week ago. He was 60 years old. He was told one day, that his liver was shutting down, (due to a life-long affair with the great taste of alcohol) and he had about a year, to a year-and-a-half to live. Two days later, still in the hospital, the doctor told him his kidneys were failing. He was unresponsive. They gave him six months to live. The next day, they gave him a week, or so, to live, and he passed away the day after that. In the meantime, I sent him an Email to convince him not to worry, or be scared, because he was not going to be over-looked by anyone, or anything. He is destined to continue on, just like each, and every one of us. I wish more people understood that. Why should a person passing on have to worry about what is going to happen to them when they get to where they are going? Death is a part of the process of life, as Life is a part of the process of Death.

     There are too many "blank spots" that nobody can seem to fill in. (Ask a priest who created "God" and see if he tells you, "You’ve just got to have FAITH, my child!") Well some people just have faith in different things. Just because it’s not exactly the same words in every religion, it doesn’t mean that the people are NON-BELIEVERS!

     To write about religion, or he you call "God", is no different than writing about Fortune Telling, or Tree Climbing… You write what you know! And if your not sure about something, you look it up, right?

     A warning on writing about religion, though- (from experience) You will get a whole MESS of comments, with a whole diferent range of beliefs, and you just might start up a good debate! So, be very open-minded and optimistic, as this subject is touchy for some readrs! But don’t let that discourage you! Get your point across, and accept all point-of-views… It’s that simple!

     My point of view is non-religious, as I am non-religious. Where as you may get comments from every religion out there! Everyone must understand that each individuals’ opinion on religion and/or "God", will never be completely the same, as there are no two people exactly alike, that’s what makes us so unique! The same goes for any subject you write about that is personal to you… That’s the good part about writing! When you write about personal beliefs, or your own opinions, your never wrong! …BECAUSE it is your "opinion".

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