How a Literature Review Can Help You Build a Better Research Paper

Academic research can be overwhelming at times. There are tons of opinions available and subsequently, tons of journals and academic papers that you may need to filter through. How can you keep all of this information in line? The answer is the literature review. Some schools require that this component be completed for graduate level research, however many schools are requiring this type of review at the undergraduate level.

What is the literature review? In short, this type of review involves reading materials in a field and developing a perspective on that material. The review contains different elements and perspectives of the field at different points in time. It contains a history of the particular topic and varying perspectives.

How soon will you become an expert in your field? It will take some time, but it is guaranteed that upon completing hours and hours of this type of research, you will begin to develop your perspective. This can help you to decide on what type of research will be beneficial for you.

As you can see, the literature review is a part of the process of you becoming an expert in your field. It is essential in you finding your academic voice for issue and research that intrigue you.

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