Leadership by Example – A Case Study

Mark is a sales manager of a housing company. As the company prepares to launch a large scale state of the art residential apartment, plans have been made to carry out an ambitious 72 hours sales initiative, where the sales agent of Mark’s team will take turns and take positions at various locations in the city which enjoys high traffic and aggressively promote the upcoming launch of the apartment, with the goal to achieve sales of eighty percent of the units available.

On the day of the launch, however, Mark was no where to be seen. In the eight different locations of city squares, train stations and shopping complexes, the sales agents were wondering where their manager was, but were still enthusiastic in getting their jobs done and achieving their goals anyway. At a point in time, the rain came, and resulted in many of the agents to get drench in the process, but they still braved the storm and did their job anyway. By the late afternoon, many of them were hungry but due to a lack of manpower, still swallowed their hunger and got their jobs done anyway.

Here, we see leadership by example in action. In terms of outcome, leadership by example evidently produces a more efficient workforce. In the shoes of our team members, the leaders determination may be the reason for them to put in the extra effort to see to mission success.

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