Marketing Case Study For Group Events: Glamour Cosmetics


Jennifer Quitman became an Independent Consultant for Glamour Cosmetics in 2007. The Santa Monica, CA, based businesswoman always wanted to start her own business, so after having her first child in 2006, Glamour Cosmetics was the perfect opportunity to stay working but have the flexibility of being at home with her daughter. Jennifer began reaching out to her family and friends, booking as many appointments and classes as possible. In just two months, she’d built a clientele of over 50 people.

Marketing Strategy

Having reached the end of her personal social networking, Quitman decided to advertise her business. She purchased a pair of car magnets to place on her SUV which advertised her at-home business, and also ordered a set of Glamour Cosmetics business cards. The total expense for these two advertising mediums was $150. She began handing out business cards to anyone she encountered, from her hair stylist to the grocery cashier. The cards and the magnets were successful at bringing in 20 more clients.


  • The best way to reach a new client is to offer them some sort of deal or promotion. This lessens the initial risk for trying your business.
  • Never underestimate the lifetime value of a customer. New business is important, but don’t "sell" too hard that you gain business once and then immediately lose it.
  • Gathering customers in groups is a great way to increase sales for your business. This is a great strategy for cosmetics consultants, but it can also be useful for retailers. Having a party or event creates a fun atmosphere with less pressure on "sales," which come more-naturally as the party attendees participate together.

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