Easy Essay on Eternal Love Connections

We have seen many connections in our lives, but some leave eternal marks. I am talking about love connections. I’ve never understood the mammoth power behind them. How come a person is your "heart and soul" within days, and you are just all crazy for him or her? I mean, what is the real issue here? Questions like this, are never ending- I see couples falling in love, connecting in bonds so pure and strong, making vows of loving each other in sickness and health and many such pick up love lines that have been used for many centuries. Still, it is unpredictable as well.

The uncertainty of love connections comes from complications in love; for example cheating, lust, indecent motives and this list carries on with millions of reasons and causes. Some causes are new and some are ancient enough and still people fall for them. Now, I’ve been in love, although I thought I was in love and I wasn’t? Does it sound confusing? Well, this is the "most common logical reason" you hear from everyone… ‘I thought I loved her’ or ‘You have no idea how wrong I was, until today when I realized it’ or a bit straight ones, such as ‘ my lover hates me, the world hates me, I never thought love would suck so bad’ etc…

Now, since love connections are made by people or by God, thus you have to chose one of it. I’ve chosen the self-acclaimed right to love and make love. Those who await for spiritual intervention, should hurry as life’s precious moments are passing by at the speed of light.

Believe it or not.

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