Case Study: A Great Company Plus A Great Recruitment Consultancy Firm…And A Great Goof

In this write-up, I just like to share one of my experiences, which I actually like to forget. I thought a lot about it…whether to share or not to share…but I think this will be "Food for Thought"…for readers and also some learning as well.

The Beginning

It all started when I received this call from one of the reputed recruitment consultancy firm in Mumbai. They were headhunting for another reputed "Business House" in Mumbai itself and the profile that they were looking for was "Compensation and Benefits – Manager". I thought about the role, profile and growth and gave my consent to take this forward…however I did asked for sometime. Also, I asked, if the company will reimburse my travel-cost…and they said "yes" and also sent an e-mail in that regard.

The day of interview

Then, on the day of interview…though my scheduled time for the interview was at 1500 hrs…as I reached early…they started my interview at around 1400 hrs. And this lady started my interview…and (hold on)…she didn’t tell me anything about her position in the company or in what capacity she is taking my interview. And, yes…while taking my interview…she was having something in her mouth…probably "Chewing-Gum". She started with one "Obvious" question…"Tell me about yourself". After a while…she went out and came back along with two gentlemen and they started taking my interview. I don’t have any idea…if those two gentlemen were office-boys…or managers…or directors…or if they were from HR or other departments, they never cared to introduce themselves. Anyways, the interview happened and the interaction was for close to 30 minutes.

For General Managers and above the Air-Tickets are being send through courier to the "Prospective Employee"…and arrangements for his stay are made in the 3-star or above levels of hotels.

In the above mentioned case the company involved is "Essar Group" and the Consultancy involved is "Adecco Peopleone". I have nothing personal against these two firms…but I believe that it is these types of "Unprofessional" employees who brings bad name for the concern…it is these people who actually create the bad-image for the company. As they say in Hindi, "Ek Gandi Machali Pure Talaab ko Ganda Kar Deti Hai".

Well, it was just an experience…experience I like to forget ASAP and I just thought of sharing with you.

Looking forward to your feedback and comments…


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