How To Answer Common Application Essay Questions

An application essay is asked for when you are going through the admission process to get into most colleges and universities. Writing your essay can be much easier if you know what kind of questions may be asked of you. Here are some of the more common application essay questions that you may be faced with.

Application essays are used to learn why you are enrolling for your chosen course. These essays also give a selection committee a good insight into the kind of individual that has written the essay so you should make sure that your final essay reflects your personality.

As the essay can become the deciding factor to help you secure a place at the college or institution you are applying to you need to be prepared to answer the most common application essay questions.

4. What specific skill, attribute or talent do you have that sets you apart from your peers? How have you worked on honing this skill?

For this application essay question, make sure you choose a strong skill you have that is in demand. Include any skill or talent that could also be useful to the college or university, as this will encourage the institution to offer you a place. Also, detail all the efforts you have put into sharpening your skill(s).

These are some of the most common application essay question that you could pick for your essay. If you are given the option, choose one that you think will catch the interest of the selection committee and write honestly about yourself.

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