A Real Life Case Study of Love Compatibility Using Chinese Astrology Part II

In the previous article, you have looked at the compatibility between my client Michael and his target Pauline. You have learnt about how an almost perfect compatibility test looks like. In this article, you will look at Pauline’s current boyfriend’s 8 characters. You will learn how compatible they are.

You will compare compatibility between Michael and Pauline’s current boyfriend, Lionel. By looking at Pauline’s and Lionel’s 8 characters, you will be able to know how to "avoid" relationships that don’t last. This will help you in choosing the ideal partner. Let’s begin…

Lionel is born on 22nd October 1987, hour unknown. His 8 characters are as follows:

Year Pillar:Fire Rabbit(Wood)

Month Pillar:Metal Dog(Fire/Earth)

Day Pillar:Wood Dragon(Water/Earth)

Hour Pillar:Unknown

Lionel is a Wood person born in Dog month, where Earth and Fire are strong. Looking at the whole set of 8 characters, you can see that there is a lot of Earth and Fire. His Wood is considered weak as the majority of the elements in his 8 characters weakens his Wood. He needs Water and Wood to strengthen his Wood, Water being the first priority.

Let’s go back and look at Pauline’s 8 characters…Pauline needs Metal and Earth in her 8 characters. Lionel is only able to "satisfy" the Earth portion, but not the Metal part. Besides that, the Earth in Lionel’s 8 characters is dominated by Hot Earth(Fire/Earth), which is at his Month Pillar.

Do you think they will be able to go through 36 years of challenging relationship? I doubt so. This is good news for our protagonist. However, the bad news is that he might need to wait for 2 years, till 2011. Michael is currently at the Pig (Water/Wood) luck pillar. In 2011, he will be at the Earth pillar, which is Pauline’s favorable element.

When the time comes, she will be rushing into his arms. Looking at her luck pillars in 2011, she will be going through a Wood pillar, which is unfavorable to her. She will desparately need Metal and Earth during that period. For the rest of the details, refer to my previous article.

People are attracted to one another because of the 5 elements. You could use this information to determine who can be your life partner, your business partner or friends. Hope you have learnt something from this article. In the next article, I will share with you your romance luck for 2009, the Earth Ox year. Stay tuned!

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