How to write your UCAS Personal Statement

As an Oxbridge graduate and an A level tutor, one ofthe most common questions I am asked by students is “How do I write my personal statement (or section 10)?”

With an increase in universities making studentsoffers without meeting them for interviews, the importance of the personalstatement has become absolutely paramount as it is often now the only opportunityan applicant has to give a sense of themselves and their personality toadmissions tutors. Yet many students remain confused about the intended contentof the personal statement, asking “Whatshould my personal statement include”.

As there is so little formal guidance, I would liketo share my own ideas for what makes a top Personal Statement. Of course thereare many different approaches and this is by no means a magic formula, but itworked for me and has been extremely successful too for the students I havecoached towards Oxbridge applications.

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