Segue Program in Ventura County Case Study – Should You Volunteer As a Career Speaker?

Indeed, as a former entrepreneur and now founder of a Think Tank online, I realize how important it is that we all give back. Interestingly enough, I have found what I thought to be a decent program where I could do just that. I’ve always enjoyed my speaking engagements at Colleges and Universities, so why not volunteer to speak at a local High School with the Segue Program in Ventura County – their mission after all is to keep kids in school now preventing dropouts and thus, preventing the clogging up of our courts, jails, juvenile detention, and rehabs. A very noble concept, unfortunately it’s never that easy – nothing good in life is.

I thought to myself; "By volunteering and speaking am I really going to prevent juvenile delinquency if kids drop out of school?" "No," I reasoned; "Of course not, there is already juvenile delinquency inside the schools, so what am I doing there trying to prevent any of this," perhaps I’d wasted my time, or maybe you think differently, what are your thoughts on this – leave your comments below.

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