How to Write Good and Effective Essays

An essay has a goal. The goal may be to support an argument or describe how a task is performed. The skills required to write an essay of any type remains the same. You have to collect related ideas on the subject and then you may begin writing on it.

· The central idea: If you have to choose the topic of the essay by yourself, you are twice as much free to make your essay unique and impressive. World of possibilities opens itself to let you choose the one you are best at. Choose a topic that interests you. Look around, there are plenty of general topics that you often intend to talk about. You have sufficient knowledgebase about the topic that interests you or you are ready to do sufficient research on it. Make yourself an expert at the topic. You will have a better idea about the understanding of the possible readers and also, you will learn to mould your topic to make it appear interesting to the reader.

· Consider the audience: Over the length of the essay, you will need to persuade the reader to believe in an opinion, learn to perform a task or make him aware of a cause, idea, event or announcement. Analyze all the potential sub-ideas or arguments that will support the main idea of the essay. Outline the main ideas in a structure

· Outline the structure: Once you have had considerable thought over the outline of essay, you can elaborate on them. To explain a process, emphasis a need or point out a fact, is to build your main ideas with the help of sub-ideas and supporting arguments.

· Make it interesting right from the start: Introduction has to retain the interest of the reader. An interested reader will find it easy to understand your ideas. A war that happened many hundred years ago might not be an interesting topic for majority of the audience. But you really hold the power to write an essay that can generate interest in the reader who comes across introduction in your article. Make the required claims in the introduction but do not forget to provide evidence and valid reasons in the subsequent parts of the paragraph.

· Support the central idea: The middle part of an essay provides for the straightforward opinion presented, serious questions raised, humorous findings made in the introduction part of the essay. When writing an essay, always present individual ideas in paragraphs. Your personal insights will provide you with ample information to write on a subject if you brainstorm on a topic. The process of brainstorming has no fixed steps to follow. All that you have to do is to think enough about the topic and come up with genuine ideas of your own. Put yourself into the shoes of the reader and ask yourself questions.

· Conclude with a strong bottom-line: You can state the central idea or give a quick recap at the end of an essay. It will be of no use to put a new idea at the end of an essay. Last lines of the essay will be your last message.

The last line is more of a verdict after supplying a list of evidences and facts or a plea to the reader to think over questions by emphasizing its seriousness throughout the essay.

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