FMCG Marketing and Selling Strategies Questioned With Pharmaceuticals – Case Study

Big Pharma has enjoyed a bit of success borrowing tricks of the trade from mass marketers of FMCGs or fast moving consumer goods; products like toothpaste, mouthwash, cola, catsup, Charmin, candy bars and chocolate. You have seen the advertisements on TV for the latest new drugs; "If you have any muscle pain or weakness, ask your doctor about Zyxylitol and see if it’s right for you!" Does this strategy work when trying to move pharmaceutical products?

Indeed, it does and it would not take a rocket scientist to realize that if it didn’t work, the Big Pharma companies would not be spending 100s of million dollars a year with this form of advertising. Of course, there is a bit more going on behind the scenes. For instance, they have to make sure the doctors understand the products, and they do this by giving them samples and information; white papers, research report and technical articles in their journals of medicine and professional trade journals.

Sure, this type of marketing is tried and proven and it helps Big Pharma make billions, it is a brilliant strategy and a great study in what works, still we must understand the realities and consider the unintended consequences. Perhaps this is something you might consider.

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