Your Scholarship Essay – Give Them What They Want – But Do It Your Way

Scholarship essays can be a frustration for many applicants. But if you learn some simple principles and follow these guidelines, you will write a better essay and enhance your chances of scholarship success. Your essay may be the determining factor in whether you get a scholarship or one of the other applicants does, so make your efforts worthwhile and let them work for you.

Principles And Guidelines To Follow:

Keep It Simple: Don’t try to use big, fancy or sophisticated words if short, simple, easy to understand ones will get your point across. Unless your essay is for a highly technical or English comprehension type of scholarship, do your best to eliminate complicated words because they may actually work against you if their meaning is misinterpreted or not understood. Scholarship selection committees are usually intelligent, but normal individuals and they are not looking for your vocabulary to impress them. They are looking for your character, knowledge and personality to shine through and that is usually easiest if you keep it simple.

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