A Challenge of writing a Speech in English from Hindi on Sant Kabir Das, The Great Indian Philosopher

Some readers may not find this article to be very interesting if they do not understand Hindi, the national language of India. Still, I would suggest that if you read it thoroughly then, excluding those few excerpts in Hindi, it will help you to enlighten your mind and lead a perfect life.

Speech is a Medium of Communication

Some time back I wrote an article titled A Good Speech is a Great Form of Communication in which I dealt with the art of speech writing. Writing speech is a form of creative writing because speech is a medium of communication. Through speech people try to present their opinion and so speech has to be very articulate so that people can be inspired. That’s why there are many points to take care of while writing a speech. Well, in this article I am not going to deal with the nuances of speech writing because I have already discussed all the important points in the above mentioned article. This article has a speech on a great philosopher and mystic poet mainly for the students of class five or so but I believe that as a whole this article will make a strong impact upon human lives..

In the school where my son studies the classes are divided into four houses. Different type of competitions and other programmes are conducted on the basis of inter house or house level functions. His school has four houses and they are named as: Dayanand House, Guru Nanak House, Vivekananda House and Kabir House. The names of the Houses depict the great spiritual and religious preachers of India. All these great personalities had contributed a lot in changing the culture of the Indian society and the outlook of the Indian people.

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