Search for an Inspiration to become a successful writer

In Search for an Inspiration

It is a usual feature with me that after finishing one article I remain stranded for some days at the finishing point of the last article. Too many ideas haunt me. I start to think about how to begin an article dealing with a particular idea or subject matter but after a while it all fizzle out. I am sure this is not the case with the other writers here, it is I who face such a situation and during this phase I always remain in search for an inspiration.

Suddenly, some subject matter clicks and I come up with my next article. Whether the article turns out to be good or bad is a different point. The actual point which I want to deal here is about the aspect of being getting clicked by a subject matter. I regard it as an inspiration. To move on in life something concrete is required or else time flies away without any constructive work. After getting attached with the writing community for more than a year, I have realized few things which are very important for a writer to follow and carry on the job of writing:

One needs to improve and grow constantly as a writer.

Must remain positive to carve a niche for oneself.

One needs to be supportive towards the writing community.

Healthy competition is a must.

Try various aspects of writing.

Understand the demand of the readers – evergreen and current topics.

Hundred percent effort must be given by the writer.

The writer must keep on writing as much as possible.

To maintain all the above written conditions, there is always a requirement of having some inspiration for writing. Else, I feel, something monotonous or trash will come out of a writer’s pen and people will not enjoy it. Watch music or a dance talent hunt show and you will find that ultimate winner is the versatile performer. It is exactly the same with the writer’s community and especially for the on-line writers. There are numerous on-line writers and so we need to keep all our capabilities and instincts wide open. The readers are of various sections and to click as a writer among an undefined section of readers it is absolutely important that the writers come up with a variety.

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