What is a true limerick and how do you write one?

This hub was birthed out of months of frustration. Alleged “limericks” were being posted on a semi-regular basis on Hubpages and yet they were NOT limericks. Don’t get me wrong, they may have been clever poetry, witty plays on words or even rhyme, but they were not true limericks.

From an early age I have always loved writing funny rhymes. I still, to this day, enjoy making up alternative words for songs with comedic undertones. It’s something that seems to come naturally to me. With that joy, I have also embraced limericks over the years. I have come up with numerous ones, but they have all had one thing in common – they have followed the traditional limerick form. So what is that, and why don’t all “limericks” qualify?

My intention here is not to delve into the origins of limericks but instead to outline the standard and accepted format one takes. So here goes:

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