When A President Rewrites The Law…

Now as we approach what is supposed to be full implementation time the coming train wreck, which many of us saw coming from the beginning, is getting the band aid approach rather than the full repeal and start over that is needed. This whole law has been stumbling along since its inception. All the goodies were front loaded in an attempt to make it look different through this administration’s rose colored view of the world. We are all used to eating the dessert before the rest of the meal right?

When this administration was politically capable of passing a pile of crap that is exactly what Obama engineered. The focus should have been the economy and jobs and it wasn’t. It was 2,700 pages of crap passed to engineer 1/7th of this nation’s economy. So they knew they were riding a losing pony that they had created themselves. Now Senators like Chuckie Cheese Schumer are pleading with his fellow pick pockets, in Republican garb, to help save the disaster they created. In 2010 the American electorate sent a new House to Washington to repeal the law, not save a disaster that was created in a partisan manner.

So as the train wreck progressed, even some Democrats admitted that is coming recently, Obama is pulling rabbits out of the hat again. Albeit the rabbits are unconstitutional. His actions of late show that he desires to void the US Constitution in order to get his way.

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