Wisdom Essay – A Different Way to Look at Decorating Your Home and Then Some

One of the joys of interior decoration is the ability to take an ordinary-looking space and transform it into something beautiful. Unlike any other art form, interior design allows you to dwell inside your creation. This activity allows you to combine creativity and utility. Working with interior design in a sense is like service at a restaurant in that the experience is disastrous when it is not good, and almost unnoticeable when excellent. Although those who live in your home may not notice it, the effects of the work you have accomplished include feelings of security, satisfaction, and inspiration. Not everything you decorate has to be completely innovative: sometimes simply rearranging what is already there or replicating something you’ve seen before gives a wonderful touch to the area.

Creating Attractive Wreaths

A simple but beautiful way to decorate your porch is to add a wreath to your door. There are many ways to be creative when you make a wreath: the combinations of colors, shapes, and themes or styles lead to endless possibilities. You just need a foam ring and some silk flowers to get started. Take the flowers and cut off the stems about one inch from the calyx, or bottom of the flower. Then push the stems of each flower into the ring. As you are positioning the flowers, make sure that the foam is thoroughly covered; however, you do not want your flowers to look too crowded! Your wreath will last a very long time if you use a hot glue gun to add small amounts of glue where the base of the flower touches the ring. Adding leaves or vines to your wreath works well for extra decoration or for covering up bare spots. You can choose to create wreaths using one kind of flower in many colors, or one color using many flowers-or a combination. Finally, choose what part of the wreath you want on "top" and tie a string around that area so that you can hang it on the door.

How To Decorate Your Home-Even with Small Children Around

Many families with small children still have a strong desire for a well decorated home. Kids, however, have a knack for interrupting such projects. When decorating in a home with small children, one of the best things you can do is give them the project of their own. These experiences are ones kids (and you) will remember-and you are giving your children an opportunity to take pride in their endeavors. There are thousands and thousands of ideas with home decor that work with small children. Another tip: decorative items such as tall trees and hanging baskets are difficult for small hands to get to or damage.

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