Why The Frogs No Longer Sing – A Case Study on The Survival of A Freshwater Lake

I was disturbed to read today that the frogs from the Tasek Chini lake were no longer singing. They have practically disappeared. This may not seemed strange to you, in fact, you may not have any idea where Tasek Chini is. After all, it "was" a beautiful large mass of freshwater lake in the tropical forests of Malaysia. It "was" because it now no longer is beautiful as it was, with pollution levels reportedly 56 times higher than is considered healthy, and worse, this is right inside the tropical jungle.

The frogs are not the only ones disappearing. The fishes, cobras, pythons are also diminishing in numbers. Weeds called the "Cat’s Tail" have proliferated, snuffing out important sunlight that would allow organisms to grow.

Now if you do have a lake in your area where you are living, ensure that the frogs still sing. Frogs are a good barometer of the environment. Frogs are declining due to habitat destruction, contamination, predation and genetic pollution. Will the frogs sing again at Tasek Cini? We do not know yet, but there is one thing we do know. Irregardless of where we are, if we save the frogs, we may be able to save our lives too.

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