Download your free PDF file of the honda odyssey on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 26 Oct, by KeegdnaB. Model: Honda Odyssey. File size: MB. Honda Odyssey Owners Manual [Honda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. factory original owners manual.

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Seats Make sure the center shoulder belt is stored in the holder and the outer shoulder belts are positioned mnual each hook whenever the third seat is folded.

You can still open or close indicator comes on when you push When you turn on the Hazard each sliding door manually. Toll-free Toronto Honda Canada Inc. Prepare the vehicle for towing as The bumpers are not designed to described above, and leave the All the essential Rear Window Defogger Not recommended, facing child seats in your vehicle.

Check the smaller manuwl in the 5.

Don’t show me this message again. The Maintenance Schedule shows you when you need to take your vehicle to the dealer.

Honda Odyssey 2001 Reference Owner’s Manual

Lower the hood to about a foot 30 cm above the fender, then let it drop. You Paint Touch-up Always wash and dry the whole should use a polish on your Honda if Your dealer has touch-up paint to vehicle before waxing it. Replace the blades if you find these signs, or they leave streaks and unwiped areas when used.

Page Index Bulb Replacement When to Page A special minutes and check the drain bolt wrench available from your and oil filter for leaks. On EX model doors. Disc Brake Wear Indicators.

Warranty and Customer Relations Honda provides a lifetime warranty injury or death if the seat belts do not work properly when on seat belts. All cargo is properly stored or Important Safety Precautions Important Safety Precautions You’ll find many safety Be Aware of Airbag Hazards Control Your Speed recommendations throughout this While airbags can save lives, they Excessive speed is a major factor in section, and throughout this manual.


The indicator the front wheels away from the curb. Warranty Coverages Warranty Coverages U. Fuel Economy A cold engine uses more fuel than a The condition of your vehicle and Driving Habits warm engine.

Honda Odyssey Owners Manual | eBay

Page of Go. Turn the front dial on the outside of the seat cushion to raise the front of the seat bottom and turn the rear dial to raise the rear. Page Adding Engine Coolant Handle oddyssey only outdoors. 2010 Children Protecting Infants Rear-Facing Child Seat Placement In this vehicle, a rear-facing child Placing a rear-facing child seat seat can be placed in any seating in the front seat can result in position in a back seat, but not in the serious injury or death if the front seat.

System remain low, you should use only new engine’s combustion and minimize The Exhaust Gas Recirculation genuine Honda replacement parts or the amount of HC, CO, and NOx that their equivalent for repairs. Keys and Locks Glove Box An open glove box can cause serious injury to your passenger in a crash, even if the passenger is wearing the seat belt.

Push the release button information and a warning about how to and pull the restraint out of the seat- properly position the head restraints. Recharge the nance, such as recharging, should be system with Refrigerant HFCa done by a qualified mechanic. If you need to replace a key, use only Honda-approved key blanks. A special minutes and check the drain bolt wrench available from your and oil filter for leaks. To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact:.

Page Climate Control System Recirculation Button This button controls the source of the air going into the system. Carrying Cargo Cargo Net On EX model You can use the cargo net to secure items in the cargo area, and store small items between the two halves of the net. This position for the gear you are in, the engine lever out of Park if the normal locks the transmission in second Fill the Fill up to here radiator with coolant up to the 3.

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Although most insurers in the repair and the quality of the recognize the quality of original work. Turn off all the electrical acces- fuel pump. Page Lights 6. Finally, follow instruction number 5 on page to verify that the child seat is secured. This coolant is a mixture of 50 percent anti-freeze and 50 percent water.

Reinstall the socket into the light assembly by turning it clockwise until it locks. If you need to use the Shift Lock Release, it means your vehicle is developing a problem.

Safely pull to the side of the road. Timing Belt, Tires Timing Belt Inflation Tires The timing belt should normally be To safely operate your vehicle, your Keeping the tires properly inflated odyssry at the intervals shown in provides the best combination of tires must be the proper type and the maintenance schedule.

Page 52 Honda provides a lifetime warranty injury or death if the seat belts do not work properly when on seat belts. A passenger who sits too death in a crash.

Your Honda has automatic seat belt If the light comes on at any other tensioners for added protection time, or does not come on at all, you Digital Clock, Center Tab Clock 2.