Statutory Accounting for Property and Liability Insurers. The Burnham System. AIAF Basic Study Material. The Burnham System is written and frequently. This course provides an overview of insurance accounting and finance. This concise and focused study guide covers: Executive summaries of the text. Statutory Accounting for Property-Casualty Insurers: AIAF Course Guide. Front Cover. Aicpcu/iia. Insurance Institute of America, Incorporated, –

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Retrieved 7 October The following courses – listed by format – meet your search criteria. Thanks for caring Ray We suggest you either re-search using different criteria or contact us 11 request that we find a suitable course for you.

Introduction To Risk Management. The cost versus results is immeasurable.

AIAF 111: Statutory Accounting for Property-Casualty Insurers

About The Burnham System. Claim Handling Principles and Practices. Fundamentals of Insurance Planning.


Retrieved 15 April Ray Burnham is not a theory-only academician; he’s an active participant aaf our industry and has dedicated his life’s work to real insurance. Retrieved 26 October Commercial Liability Risk Management and Insurance.

To see course details or to order, simply click on the course title. The Burnham System caused average preparation time to drop from 8. You promise never to copy or to 11 these materials without permission from The Burnham System.

Retrieved 21 March Managing Bodily Injury Claims. Auto Liability Claims Practices.

This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat Underwriting and Marketing Practices. Canon Eagles Canon Open.

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DIGIC – Wikipedia

This method has helped me to learn the material more effectively Views Read Edit View history. Survey of Commercial Risk Management and Insurance.

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