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MTUC telah membantah dengan kuat dan juga telah berpiket di Parlimen pada 3hb Oktobertetapi walaupun terdapat bantahan keras daripada berbagai pihak, Rang Undang-undang kontroversial ini telah diluluskan di Dewan Rakyat pada 6hb Oktoberdan telah akhirnya mulai berkuatkuasa pada 1hb April Thai Labour Campaign, Thailand. The Government indicates that all applications before the Registrar of Societies are referred to other agencies, including the Royal Malaysian Police, for further recommendation, in order to ensure that the national interest is ensured.

The drivers who are paid based on commission per trip could previously do up to four trips a day, however, the congestion at the depots became progressively worse, especially in the last two months. Your place is confirmed on receipt of the completed enrolment form. This practice also saved principal company money that would have ordinarily been expended for workers like medical cost, insurance, bonus, wage increments, retirement benefits, transportation and accommodation, service awards, and several other benefits.

With respect to migrant workers in general apart from migrant domestic workersthe complainant states that the Department of Trade Union Affairs has ruled that they may join trade unions representing other workers at their respective enterprises. The creation of this new sub-class of workers, who are not considered employees of the principal, also jeopardizes existing employment relationship between the principal and their current worker-employees, likewise pindaaan relationship with their trade unions.

The Committee recalls, however, that in previous cases concerning Malaysia spanning nearly 20 years, the Committee has commented upon a number of fundamental deficiencies in pindaah legislation and, in particular, 195 that the Trade Unions Act and the Industrial Relations Act be amended so as to bring them into conformity with freedom of association principles. Oleh yang demikian pengetahuan yang mendalam dalam undang-undang terutamanya Akta Kerja adalah penting kepada penyelia, pengurus dan anda yang mempunyai staf untuk menjadikan mereka benar-benar kompeten dalam menyelia kakitangan bawah jagaan masing-masing.

Akta Pekerjaan 1955 Bahasa Melayu Pdf

Congestion at depots Conventionally when a shipping liner drops off containers at a port, they will be transferred to a depot to prevent congestion and hauliers will then pick up the containers from there for transport to the respective customers.

We, the undersigned 89 trade unions, civil society groups and organizations object to the actions of the government of Malaysia in destroying direct employment relationship between the principal, as employer, and their workers, as employees, with the latest amendments to the Employment Act A substitute delegate is welcome for delegates who have already booked and paid. The object of this Committee which has been set up is to propose preventive steps and improvements so that there will not happen any abuse by any of the parties concerned when the said amendments start to be put into effect.

Akta A BM -?? The Committee has further emphasized that all workers, without distinction whatsoever, whether they are employed on a permanent basis, for a fixed term or as contract employees, should have the right to establish and join organizations of their own choosing Digest, op.


Kongres Kesatuan Sekerja Malaysia MTUCyang mewakili bukan sahaja lebih kurangpekerja yang menjadi ahli kesatuan, tetapi juga lebih daripada 12 juta pekerja di Malaysia, telah dengan keras dan secara konsisten menentang pindaan tersebut sejak mula dicadangkan dan dibentangkan di Parlimen melalui Bill No: Future In Our Hands, Norway.

This amendment was supported by the National Union of Plantation Workers NUPW because this practice of supplying workers by contractor for labour manpower contractors is already happening and need to be registered with the purpose of increasing transparency, enabling enforcement of laws and protecting the welfare of workers. Cara ini juga menjimatkan syarikat prinsipal wang yang biasanya akan dibelanjakan untuk pekerja-employee mereka untuk kos perubatan, insuran, bonus, kenaikan gaji, faedah pencen, pengangkutan dan penginapan, awad perkhidmatan dan lain-lain faedah kerja.

The strike appears not to have an organised structure as, according to the source, it was spontaneously conceived by the drivers through text messages with the subtle backing of some haulier companies.

The practice, which started with migrant workers, was then extended to local workers. Furthermore, migrant workers supplied by labour contractors are not treated as employees of the workplace where they physically work and therefore may not join a trade union, and, since unions are only permitted to organize workers employed within similar industries or at the enterprise level, migrant workers employed by labour suppliers cannot xkta any of the existing trade unions in the country.

Adding to the woe was the Malaysian International Shipping Corporation Bhd MISC withdrawal from the liner industry, resulting in more empty containers sitting at the depot awaiting auction.

Prinsip gaji sama untuk kerja sama equal pay for equal work jelas diiingkari. Posted by WH4C at 1: Hakikat kerja negara ini mulai berubah pada awal an. In addition, since migrant workers supplied by labour contractors are not treated as employees of pindasn workplace where they physically work, they are unable to join any of the existing trade unions in the country – which may only akra employees within similar industries or at the enterprise level. According to a source privy to what had transpired at the meeting, a final solution was not worked out but Miti has given its assurance that it will hammer out a conclusion to the problem on condition that the strike is called off.

In particular, the complainant asserts that, while the Department of Trade Union Affairs had ruled that migrant workers may join trade unions representing other workers at their respective enterprises, the work permits issued by the Immigration Department stipulate, as a condition of employment, that migrant workers may not join a “persatuan”, or association, which is interpreted by employers to also mean a “kersatuan” – or trade union.

These outsourcing companies recruited local workers and migrant workers, some on fix pekerjana contracts, with terms and conditions usually less favourable than that of workers directly employed by principals. It requests the Government to keep it informed of the progress made in this regard. Init was extended to manufacturing and service hotel and restaurants sectors and init was extended to all sectors.

Whereas the rights of the subcontractors for labour for all the other sector aktx maintained as was before the Employment Act was amended. It is hoped that the recent amendments to the Employment Act will get the support of all parties to ensure workers welfare is protected and to guarantee harmonious industrial relations in this country.


Modal insan ada didalam sesebuah tempat kerja perlu diurus dan disiplin untuk memastikan mereka menjadi cemerlang dan produktif. We would like to address just one of several aspects of the new amendments that is the main bone of contention, i. However domestic workers, whether foreign or local, are exempted from the scope of the Employment Act. Akta itu juga telah mengwujudkan dua princip undang-undang yang masih hingga hari ini dianggap sangat penting.

As you would realize that the changes made are in line with the desire of the Government to implement transformation in the management of industrial relations and as such obviously the worker element in catalyzing development of the country is an important factor that much be given attention. Kami, 90 kesatuan sekerja, kumpulan masyarakat awam civil society groups dan pertubuhan yang bertandatangan di bawah membantah tindakan kerajaan Malaysia menghancurkan perhubungan pekerjaan employment relationship terus di antara prinsipal sebagai majikan, dan pekerja workers mereka selaku pekerja employee melalui pindaan terbaru Akta Kerja Seksyen yang dikecualikan hanya mengenai perkara sampingan saperti pendaftaran pekerja-employee apabila dibekalkan kepada prinsipal dan keutamaan keberhutangan priority of debt.

The PKA and the Transport Ministry, washing their hands off the problem in the early stages of the strike by claiming it has no jurisdiction over the depots, said the source, had allowed the strike to persist for three days, creating a pileup of 16, to 20, containers.

Kursus Akta Pekerjaan 1955 (Termasuk Pindaan 2012)_MyAnuar_Synergy

A ceasefire has been brokered to end the three-day strike by truckers against depot operators which had paralysed Port Klang’s the import and export industry, but discontent still simmers. The strike was called on Wednesday by the truckers frustrated at the long waiting time at depots coupled with the decision to raise gate charges from RM5 to between RM18 and RM Communication Workers Union Victoria,Australia.

Kesatuan sekerja dilemahkan, dan kuasa berunding mereka untuk menuntut hak dan faedah lebih baik untuk pekerja semakin lama semakin terhakis akibat penambahan pekerja yang bukan pekerja-employee principal, serta juga akibat kehilangan jaminan pemilikan kerja security of tenure akibat kontrak kerja aktaa pendek. This means, the new provisions concerning contractor for labour only applies to contractor for labour carrying out a,ta of manpower supply in the agricultural and plantation sector only.

The principle of equal pay for aktaa work is thus breached. He said while the association’s official stance was that the drivers were protesting on their own, many companies under the association are supporting the strike on the quiet.

What was clear was that the practice employment through this sub-contractor for labour has long been occurring and they were not registered. As concerns the 23 July rejection of the complainant’s pekerjaab by the Registrar of Societies, the Government states that the Registrar 2102 its decision for the following reasons: