An α‐θ brainwave biofeedfack training program was applied as a novel treatment technique for chronic alcoholics. Following a temperature biofeedback. Level 2: Efficacious (description of efficacy levels here). Burkett, V. S. P. J. ( ). Alpha-theta brainwave training and beta-endorphin levels in alcoholics. Thus, biofeedback training was proposed as a way teach alcoholics .. Alpha- theta brainwave training and beta endorphin levels in alcoholics.

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Addiction Neurofeedback Research Studies | Brainworks – UK

Addiction – Neuorfeedback Publications. An open clinical trial utilizing real-time EEG operant conditioning as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of crack cocaine beta-endorphon. Journal of Neurotherapy9 2 Biofeedback35 4 Long-term follow-up of a clinical replication of the Peniston Protocol for chemical dependency.

Journal of Neurotherapy 12 4— Alterations in EEG amplitude, personality factors and brain electrical mapping after alpha theta brainwave training: A controlled case study of an alcoholic in recovery. Human potential and personal transformation.


Alpha-theta brainwave training and beta-endorphin levels in alcoholics.

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