The widest selection of Ground Stations and Very Small Aperture Terminals ( VSAT) including portable, flyaway, vehicle, marine, internet and SNG Antennas for. A complete product portfolio for Broadcast, Consumer and Enterprise VSAT, Cellular Backhaul and Trunking, Government and Defense., Consumer & Enterprise. SIRM รจ un fornitore indipendente di soluzioni VSAT per il settore marittimo . Le soluzioni SIRM possono essere richieste utilizzando antenne.

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I have a sound telecommunication background which has proven to be useful with the integration of Voice over IP. More details vsat-installer and installation pictures. I have perfect knowledge vsxt By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Supply and installation of a television distribution system antenna-cable-switch-lnb Supply and installation of computer networks patch-switch-plug panels.

Phone number and contact details: We have varied experience in installation of 1.

We offer a wide range of manual and automated antennas and terminals ideally suited to quickly restore communications in the wake of a natural disaster. Based in Luanda, but willing to travel anywhere.

Many of our VSAT antennas are available as “Ready-to-Go”, antene streamlined process that provides our most reliable, field-tested standard products to customers within 30 days of order acceptance.


TETRA installation, network design and programming. Extensive VSAT satellite experience. By SeptemberHughes became the first Satellite Internet Provider to surpass one million active terminals.

Berhanu Mamuye mamberhanu gmail. No matter what the size 4.

VSAT and broadband satellite internet dish terminal installers in Africa

Thor 10 S1 Europe Coverage. Idrissa Seyni Beydou, Niamey, Niger. EasyCom have installed more than 1. These systems provide high-quality service because they create efficient communication systems for both residential and business users. The major companies market share in terms of number of vessels in service were in in parenthesis according to these reports: C band, circular polarisation VSAT terminal. I have done installations and after sales service in Southern Africa.

SIRM offre ai clienti: Kenya, also Central, East and Horn of Africa. VSAT installation, site survey, commissioning and equipment configuration. I started in back in London later moved to Nigeria, I recently relocated to Johannesburg, South Africa where am based now.

The polarisation adjustment angle has not yet been applied. The have a wide portfolio of executed projects in many Africa countries.

I’m available to handle any project you might have in Benin or the West Africa region. Please contact Ben at benkite yahoo.


All Consumer & Enterprise VSAT products

Experience on C-band and Ku-band with antenna sizes 1. Zibhino Rodriguez Ango Sales Dept. FSS systems currently in orbit have a huge capacity with a relatively low price structure. Team of qualified and experienced installers 1. Click image for more examples. Berhanu Mamuye, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Most VSAT networks are configured in one of these topologies:.

Have been a team lead for over 5 years handling projects in East and Central Africa. Over 4 years experience in VSAT installation, maintenance, infrastructure and telecommunication. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Satellite installer Kenya Benedict Kiilu. Motors and sensors are used to keep the antenna pointed accurately at the satellite. Project Management and people management experience. I am a Cameroonian with more than 14 years in telecommunication field. Le soluzioni in banda KA sono ideali per consentire un accesso internet sia ad imbarcazioni commerciali e passeggeri che per yacht e pescherecci.

A very small aperture terminal VSAT is a two-way satellite ground station with a dish antenna that is smaller than 3.