Title: Damaged Author: AquariusLover Rating: R Pairing: Yunjae Genre: AU, Friendship, Romance, Drama Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. damaged: aquariuslover ♥ chaptered, r, friendship, romance, future au, angst On a cold winter’s day he cast their love away for the sake of his family. Damaged by aquariuslover. 16 likes. Book. Damaged by aquariuslover. Privacy · Terms. About. Damaged by aquariuslover. Book. 16 people like this topic.

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Yunho awoke to a world of blinding bright lights.

aquariuslover – 정윤호 & 김재중.

His eyes fluttered open and closed several times before he could make aqjariuslover his vamaged. He found damqged he was sitting on the ground leaning against a red phone booth. He jumped to his feet quickly before remembering to look for his walker He noticed that the bright lights were actually set up all around him in a circle focusing on the red phone booth and there were cameras too.

His relief was so great that tears of absolute joy ran down his smiling cheeks. He had no fear of this strange place that had granted him his greatest wish. Yunho danced on and on unable to take his eyes off his feet. How he had missed dancing what had been dead inside of him was suddenly alive again.

Damaged, Prologue – aquariuslover

The sound of somebody clapping made Yunho look away from his dancing feet and he smiled as he saw Jae walking up to him. Suddenly Yunho remembered, why everything seemed so familiar to him…the lights, the cameras, and the phone booth.

Do we get to do it all over again? So tight, you should always be held tight. You need to aquariusloved be held tight so you will know how much you are loved. Why did you fall aquariusover love with me? I never had any control over it. I guess it was just meant to be. We will be forever warm, young, beautiful, beloved and perfect. We will always be together and I can dance. The snow had taken him back to the happiest time of his life. I know how much you missed dancing. They danced perfectly with the snow falling all around them and the lights shining brightly aquwriuslover on them.

This is our world. We are the kings and we are never wrong. Yunho stopped dancing and pulled Jae even closer. I am so glad you are damage with me. Their lips met without hesitation only perfect understanding and mutual love.

Curious Yunho broke away from the kiss and looked down; he found a young boy no older than five pulling on his jacket. Yunho breathed aquariusloved sharply as big, brown, mismatched eyes looked at him with nothing but pure affection.

How he had missed him. You are going to get married and have babies and even grandchildren. He has many more years to live.

You have your whole life ahead of you too. We will be together forever! I would have followed you before, and I will follow you now.


No, nobody is going to die to be with daaged. The moment you take your last breath I am already dwmaged. Changmin almost tore the door off the hinges as he flung it open expecting to find Yunho, but instead he stumbled into an empty room. He opened the bathroom door to find the bathroom empty. There is something wrong. I forgot, Hana said he was watching television in one of the waiting rooms his television was broken. I just figured he would be done. Did you two notice that?

Kyuhyun slowed slightly to let Ryeowook catch up with him. Before Changmin could question aqquariuslover further they reached the waiting room to find it empty. I can feel it. Where would he damage gone? He is dependent on his walker. Kyuhyun furrowed his eyebrows and pushed on the door testing whether it was locked just in case.

Changmin jumped up and pushed his way out the door quickly looking around. It would be too hard in a walker. He was freezing to death literally. His eyes barely opened for him and he could see ice on his eyelashes. He tilted his head and pain shot through his entire body, and he realized he must have hit his head on the rock when he fell.

The aquriuslover in his head was not helping the panic that was setting in. What had made him fall aquariiuslover wondered had it been a seizure?

He remembered the doctors and nurses describing them to him for months and they had warned him that a seizure was not to be unsuspected.

Yunho cursed his luck of course he would have his first seizure while he was out in the cold like an insane man hovering over a frozen body of water. Yunho tried to move but with any movement a piercing pain spread across his abdomen adding to the severe pain in his head. He found that he was being pressed down into the water by a log that had lodged up next to him.

His stupid, endless pride would finally be the death of him. His lungs felt tight and he needed to cough but he lacked the strength even to cough. Yunho closed his eyes and wished that he had just stayed and played cards.

aquariuslover damaged pdf repair

He should have been a bigger person and just stayed damged played with Eun and Bae but no not Yunho. He had to let his jealousy, self pity, pride, and regret push him to this place. He closed his eyes and felt horribly remorseful as he realized what this would do to Jae.

Jae would be the one to find him frozen to death…he knew it. Jae would never be able to live with this…this would be the final destruction of him. When would he ever stop hurting Jae? When he was dead Yunho thought bitterly. Please let Jae stay late in Seoul tonight he prayed. Let him go to an after party, get drunk dwmaged wake up tomorrow morning after it was all over and done with.

Let him hear this news surrounded by Yoochun and Junsu who would know not to leave him alone. Even as he prayed for this he knew it to be useless. Jae knew their time was running out and he would never waste a minute away from him.


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His qauariuslover would abandon him as a lost cause, his mother and sister would both move on with their lives, but Jae would cling to him till that last breath. All the insanity that Jae had inflicted on both of them and everybody else had come from that one choice.

If he had just chosen Jae everything would be different now. He would have never walked into the room and been shattered emotionally. He knew the moment he walked into that room an invisible barrier had gone up between him and Jae separating them and no matter how hard he wished otherwise they were forever lovers lost. Yunho had many regrets and as he laid there in the freezing water while his life slipped away he mourned them all. How would Changmin and his family feel knowing he had been his self for months and has never reached out to them.

Yunho questioned as he his body grew colder. Pride of course, selfishness in wanting to keep Jae close to him but what else? At first he had not wanted to worry them he had been so afraid of being trapped in his body, but what about later? Or was it something else? Had he held their abandonment of him against them in the deepest parts of his soul? They had abandoned him had they not? They had cast him aside and went on living their lives and left him in the hands of the ex lover that they had deemed unworthy of him when he had been in the prime of his life.

That was true he told himself but only of his father. His father had asked…demanded, threatened, and guilted him into giving up Jae.

His mother and sister had never asked any such thing of him, but they had never spoken up against his father either…no one ever did. His mother had only found her strength to stand up to his father after his injury. She had never gone against him before.

Not even when he had left a very young Yunho moneyless, basically homeless and dependent on the mercy of strangers.

Had it really been three years since he talked to Junsu…how was that even possible? Yunho used the last of his strength to force his eyes open to stare into the crystal clear night. The moon was shining brightly and reflecting off the snow it seemed almost like morning. He knew he would soon be dead and only misery lay ahead for all the people he loved.