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D External dimensions. D Connections. D Connection of motor. FANUC CONTROL MOTOR AMPLIFIER α series DESCRIPTIONS. B–E. B–E. FANUC AC SPINDLE MOTOR α series PARAMETER MANUAL B– E. FANUC SERVO AMPLIFIER α series DESCRIPTIONS. B–E. FANUC SERVO AMPLIF IER @ series DESCRIPTIONS BE/03 The export of this product is subject to the authorization of the.

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The position of the charging LED on each model of amplifier is given in this manual. Therefore, they can be used only for neutral grounding type power supplies. A single power supply module can be used to drive both the servo and spindle motors provided the capacity of the power supply module is not exceeded. If an alarm is displayed, take appropriate action as explained in the maintenance manual. This 65162r away the heat generated by the semi— conductors, thus preventing heat from building up in the cabinet as much as possible.

F Before operating the motor h the first time, mount and adjust the position and speed detectors. For the connector dimensions, see Appendix D.

However, we cannot describe all the matters which must not be done, or which cannot be done, because there are so many possibilities. A deposit of conductive dust on the amplifier or peripheral equipment will result in a failure.

Ground plate Cable Metal fittings 6562e clamp 40mm? Be extremely careful when touching the heat sink. The edge of a broken section is likely bb be sharp and, therefore, presents a risk of injury.

The machine will not operate normally if a fuse or PC board 651622e other than the correct specification code is mounted, or if a fuse or PC board is mounted in the wrong position. Take appropriate corrective action, then resume operation.

F Check the specification code of the fuse, PC board, and other components. To guard against fire and electric shock, fit the factory power supply or machine with a ground fault interrupter designed for use with an inverter.

For the number of units that can be connected, see the following table: If the 6512e is used continuously with an excessive load applied, the amplifier may be damaged.


Only a person trained in the maintenance of the corresponding machine or equipment should open the door, and only after shutting off the power supply to the power magnetics cabinet by opening both the input circuit breaker of the power magnetics cabinet and the factory switch used to supply power to the cabinet.

Select a power supply module according to the capacities of the servo motors and spindle motors being used. If the power is reconnected without first replacing the failed component, another component may be damaged, making it difficult to locate the original cause of the alarm.

While the LED is lit, hazardous voltages are present inside the unit, and thus there is a danger of electric shock. There are four types of power supply module, as follows: The cross—sectional area of the power cable in the table matches the cross—sectional area of the power cable used in the unit to which the DBM is connected.

Leaving the cover open presents a danger of electric shock. Obtaining the load current of a noise filter The load current of a noise filter is the sum of the CNC input current, PSM input current, and current consumption under the other loads. Periodic cleaning is necessary. During operation, all doors must be closed and locked. NOTE 1 In the —V input series, the power supply is grounded by neutral h, so there is no leakage current that would cause a circuit breaker with a ground fault interrupter, connected on the power supply side, to malfunction.

Fanuc B-65162 Manuals

If a screw is lost inside the nit and the power is turned on, the machine may be damaged. For dimensions, see Sections 8.

F Notes on cleaning the heat sink and fan 1 A dirty heat sink or fan results in reduced semiconductor cooling efficiency, which degrades reliability. Note that the specification of the coil voltage of a magnetic contactor may differ depending on the supply voltage and frequency used. If a regenerative 65162ee unit with a resistance of 16? Be careful not to touch these components. D 6516e motor rated output is guaranteed for the rated input voltage.


Fanuc B Manuals User Guides – CNC Manual

Users should also read the relevant description in this manual to become fully familiar with the functions of the servo amplifier.

F Notes on contacting FANUC Inform FANUC of the details of an alarm and the specification code of the amplifier so that any components required for maintenance can be quickly secured, and any other necessary action can be taken without delay. F Store the manuals in a safe place.

If the insulating transformer is installed outside the power magnetics cabinet, and the cable connecting the amplifier is exposed, the cable must be covered with a grounded metal duct, or an AC line filter must be installed.

This is because the capacitor unit for power—factor improvement may adversely affect power regeneration.

F Notes on replacing the battery of the absolute pulse coder Replace the battery only while the power is on. Case 655162e is used for 65126e for normal ordinary operation.

A loose screw, loose connection, or the like will cause a motor malfunction or overheating, or a ground fault. When a circuit breaker with a ground fault interrupter is used, it must be selected so that the sum of the values 56162e according to a and b described below is not greater than the non—operating current value.

Determine the cross—sectional area of the cables according to Table 5. The operator must be familiar with these descriptions. The cables that run into the amplifier and which require shield processing, with the exception of K14, K15, K17, K18, K19, K31, and K33, must be clamped as indicated in Fig.

Forced cooling fan motor is included Registance: Check the interface with the CNC being used, then select an appropriate servo amplifier module. See 7 in Section 2. For how to select the regenerative discharge unit, see Section 3.