Results 1 – 19 of 19 Baba Ve Pic by Elif Safak and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at This Pin was discovered by Merve Coskun. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Baba ve Piç’in İtalyanca cep baskısının kapağı. Italian cover of The Bastard of Istanbul. Istanbul. More information. Saved by. Elif Şafak / Shafak.

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The Bastard of Istanbul October 12 35 Oct 29, Beth Thomas is a contributor to Yabangee. This is best described in a stroy by an Armenian girl who makes a trip to Turkey starting in Istanbul than traveling to Sebinkarahisar, the home of her grandparents, and tells her adventures as well as her thoughts on just being a human being.

While I take my hat off for the commendable intentions and courage of Shafak for writing this book, the literary merit of this work, as far as I can judge, is close to nil. The book was more about the Turkish culture, and what the Turks did to the Armanians.

The climactic revelations of the novel are also quite far-fetched and felt very A florid hodgepodge of a book, The Bastard of Istanbul is too weak a novel to deal fruitfully with the issues it raises—the Armenian genocide of ; nationalism; how to navigate through your identity as the child of immigrants—and Shafak’s ambition doesn’t match her execution. This book can be cut in half and cut again.

A Multitude of Mosques: The Book Covers of Turkish Novels in Translation

We can excuse the use of Ottoman dress and Iznik tiles on My Name is Redfor example, given that the story revolves around miniaturist painters who served in the sixteenth-century Ottoman court. That was hard going. I can handle this sort of jam-packed whimsy if I genuinely find the writing funny, but since this I reached the third chapter of this and had a moment of “This is all going to be this same sort of whimsical Salman-Rushdie-flavored nonsense, isn’t it?


I can’t continuetoo much boring, too much details, and weak style.

The frequent literary allusions are obnoxious instead of clever – how many times can the bookworm heroine tritely characterize a situation as “Chekhovian” or “Dickensian”? The novel has opened up a vivid debate in Turkey about family, love, freedom, redemption and the construct of masculinity. Refresh and try again. All men in the family have died sadak the only uncle, Mustafa, who lives in Arizona after leaving Istanbul twenty years earlier.

Mustafa meets an all American girl Rose at a grocery store in Arizona, who was once married to an Armenian. The Times Europe Editor Mr. So I gave up on this one. Some fantastic misuses of English words a rift between two cars narrows to a hairbreadth?!

A Guide to Volunteering In Istanbul. The one point I somewhat appreciated: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Bastard of Istanbul (Baba ve Piç)/Elif Şafak

I still want to give her a chance through her non-fiction work, but the fiction pieces will be abandoned. In this book Shafak explored the beauties and difficulties of being bava writer and a mother. Please enter your name here. Shafak has published thirteen books, nine of which are novels.

Baba ve Piç

Baron also wants everyone to know that the great Ottoman Architect Sinan was actually Armenian. The novel was supposed to take you on a historic journey about the genocide against the Armenian by Ottoman empire. Her most recent novel Ustam ve Ben December revolves around the life of Mimar Sinan, the most famous Ottoman architect and opens up important vve on power, creativity, artistic freedom and bigotry.

Why would you want to get the full book free though? I mentioned that I was reading The Bastard of Istanbuland after a bit of Googling we worked out she had read it too. It unlocks the story ekif the image somehow perfectly illustrates the family secrets bursting to get out.


Why the Rushdieesque focus on noses and other hereditary features? Frequently Asked Questions November 28, Asya elic only Johny Cash albums and hates Turkish music. The main character falls in love with a complicated chocolate maker and this point is vaguely illustrated on the Turkish cover.

Armanus belongs to a computer chat group of Armenians, Greeks and Sephardic Jews, who pour out their hatred towards the Turks, bqba Baron Baghdassarian, who refers to the Turkish elite as third world members who hate the world, especially their own country p. View all 3 comments. View all 4 comments. If you like a …more Samples are usually available from Amazon, Google Books, or other sites like those.

This book was too much, too scattered for me: How Shafak shows that as the present is dictated by the past, those not at vr happy in the present because of their past tend to focus rather too much on the latter, whereas those who are doing epif feeling OK prefer to ignore it, especially when it is inconvenient.

Return to Book Page. I had a feeling that the events those were taking places were formulated in a sophisticated and artificial way rather than fitting spontaneously and in sequence.

Book Review – BASTARD OF ISTANBUL (Baba ve Pic) |

Why does every character and cafe have to have a q Unimpressive. She’s clearly read a lot of Rushdie and Kundera, but what is rendered magical in the hands of the masters is chunky and overdressed in the hands of Shafak. Shafak blends Western and Eastern traditions of storytelling, bringing out the myriad stories of women, minorities, immigrants, subcultures, youth and safka souls.

Stereotypes in full force in my view.