Big Data has ratings and reviews. Morcan The STREAM TONE by T. Gilling Wikinomics by Don Tapscott Big Data by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. The key to answering these questions, and many more, is big data. A revolution on par with the Internet or perhaps even the printing press, big data will change the way we think about business, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Kenneth Cukier. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, professor of internet governance and regulation at the University of Oxford—and this week’s Big Data & Analytics Hero—believes that.

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Big Data by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger, Kenneth Cukier

Then vaguely aligns Big Data with invention of the telescope. Still, overall, this book is well written and doesn’t require a degree in Information Technology to understand, which I appreciated. The book is not without interesting sections, in particular the sections on Ibg use of data for multiple purposes and the discussion of the value chain for the “big data” industry.

It could have been easily condensed into a magazine article, where I believe this book was initially conceived. Sep 22, Liz rated it liked it Shelves: We live in a society obsessed with causality.

Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

It is actually also easy to also link that to who is near you at that time. With a rapidly spreading disease, a two-week lag is an eternity. No other book offers bog an accessible and balanced tour of the many benefits and downsides of our continuing infatuation with data.

Try mayer-schonbergerr Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: My own favorites are a couple of applications in the tech industry itself. Knowing how actions may play out in the future will allow us to take remedial steps to prevent problems or improve outcomes.

I would not recommend this book. Econ from the Vktor School of Economicsand in the venia docendi on among others information law at the University of Graz. The information contained therein is fantastic, but the way it’s laid out is not.


Best business books

Apr 27, James rated it did not like it Shelves: This is a great book for those of us that are not data engineers. See 2 questions about Big Data….

Account Options Sign in. The more efficient trucking routes have also led to less traffic accidents. That might work in an ideal democracy, but I think when we have arrived at this point, “democracy” is only a word used in history books. Because data never wears out, it can be reused and re-examined in multiple ways not to datz being repackaged and resold. Very thought provoking and well considered, Big Data was cleverly structured.

I really cannot recommend the book, but for interested readers there is an abriged version of the basic points in the May-June issue of Foreign Affairs. This third shift, they argue, also means that there is no longer the need for domain-specific expertise.

Just in case the author ever reads this review – I appreciate that you wrote this book for a broad audience. Big Data takes on big ideas: A little more original contribution would have been appreciated. I certainly wouldn’t say that this book was a waste of time, but it would’ve served an equal purpose at half the length.

For the authors, a good deal of oversight daga be needed in order to ensure that the potential abuses of big data are curbed. I feel that the author would have been better vata by a stronger editor. However, if you are completely new to the Big Data revolution, this books would make my top five list of must-reads to get your mind around the phenomenon.

All in all the book is a good introduction to an important and interesting topic.

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger

We will prevent deadly fires from consuming overcrowded New York tenements by knowing which building to inspect first. The key to avoid them is to aim for randomness in choosing whom to sample. Robert McNamara, Secy of Defence in the Johnson administration, went about escalating the Vietnam war by relying on ‘death count’ as an indication of how the war was progressing.


It only gets three stars because it can be repetitious. Combining elements of the viruses that cause bird flu and swine flu, this new strain, dubbed H1N1, spread quickly. I didn’t learn anything new. Interestingly, the well-written summary could have replaced much of the awfully repetition To begin with, big data is helping established businesses to run more efficiently and safely.

The model had no understanding of whyonly what. Today a third of all of Amazon’s sales are said to result from its recommendation and personalization systems. The author has put myriad of examples which helps you easily understand the concept. Overall then, whilst the book provides an initial text about big data and does include some interesting and useful nuggets, the analysis in general is narrow and weak, and it seems more about championing an emerging ICT market than providing a thorough, critical overview of the nature of big data and its implications and consequences.

Though the book is quite redundant and almost every second page has the same message: The sensationalist in me was fascinated by how data can be used for ill and the writers were firm in their views that data must never be used in isolation without human interpretation. Big Data is the first major book about this earthshaking subject, with two leading experts explaining what big data is, how it will change our lives, and what we can do to protect ourselves from its hazards.