Furthermore, control tests were performed to demonstrate the effect of A. ferrooxidans in uranium bioleaching process and showed that the addition of this . PDF | This review describes the involvement of different microorganisms for the recovery of uranium from the ore. Mainly Acidithiobacillus forrooxidans. initial work on uranium bioleaching in the early s was taken to prevent oxidation rate of iron that may affect uranium’s microbial leaching.

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A solid sample of uranium ore from the normal production of ore in this deposit plant was used. With the variation of Eh of uraniu, solution, the uranium concentration is varied too.

Under these circumstances, the precipitation of both goethite and jarosite-type basic compounds will not occur in the next bioleaching stage and the bacterium will grow in the column as bacteria are adapted to this pH and the culture from the irrigating solution PLS of pH adjustment. Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded. In recent years, there has been an upsurge in uranium exploration across the globe, driven by a renewed interest in nuclear energy urqnium higher uranium prices.

That is, bacteria activity was enhanced after they underwent the former column. Therefore, the pH of irrigating solution cannot be lower than 1. World J Mic Biotech. This system can increase the uranium concentration of PLS.

When pH is lower than 1. In many cases, bioleaching is the most suitable process. The uranium recovery of the uanium column is over 8.

Bioleaching has lots of advantages compared with traditional heap leaching. After days of bioleaching, the uranium recovery was Bioleaching of low-grade sphalerite using a column reactor. The result demonstrates that the highest leaching of base metals is achieved at low pH values under high redox conditions where ferric iron remains in solutions [ 16 ]. A study of the bioleaching of spanish uranium ore. Sukla1 and G. This indicates that once biolaching is leached; the surface area of those uraninite and coffinite minerals will be greatly increased.


Studies on chemoautotrophic iron oxidizing bacterium Ferrobacillus ferrooxidans.

In industry, bioleaching of uranium is still facing many problems such as site space, high cost of production, and limited industrial facilities. After bioleaching period, redox potentials of PLS are significantly higher than the correspondence leaching solutions. The test process and the specific implementation process are as follows: In our continued multicolumns bioleaching experiment, the uranium recovery Support Center Support Center. In the next 20 days, acid consumption increases still fast but it is lower than that in the first 10 days.

Chemical and mineralogical composition of the ore sample used in column bioleaching. The continued multicolumns bioleaching is seen to be very effective for leaching uranium. Those tiny fractures around uranium minerals will be enlarged as well.

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Materials and Methods 2. The uranium recovery is highly leached All of these characteristics were observed during the isolation of the strain used.

Thus, the recovery of 4th is greater than that of 3rd column, and that of 3rd is greater than 2nd column and so on. In most cases, uranium on the Witwatersrand occurs as uraninite, which requires an oxidative iboleaching for its extraction. A Text Book of Inorganic Analysis. The bacterial strain that was used in the leaching experiments was isolated from the Jaduguda mine water sample.


They enhance the ferrous oxidizing and produce ferric iron to oxidize pyrite and uraninite as shown in the following equations [ 14 ]: And then in the next bioleaching stage, acid consumption still increase slowly because some acid needs to be added in the bacteria domestication pond for pH adjustment and there are still some consumptive acid minerals in tiny fracture which are not reacted by acid in the former stage.

Continued Multicolumns Bioleaching for Low Grade Uranium Ore at a Certain Uranium Deposit

It has a relationship with the granite of Yanshan period in space and genesis. Because the first column is the initial column in this type of system and the acid amount of PLS from the 1st column is small, the irrigating solution of 2nd column needs to add more acid for pH adjustment using PLS from the 1st column. Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans is Gram-negative bacteria [ 8 ], characterized by nonsporulating rods, 0.

Fluoride bipleaching analysis of the sample by potassium hydroxide digestion and measurement by fluoride electrode indicated that fluoride weight is high 1. This is good for the iron exchange system to recover the uranium. There is a big peak for uranium concentration for each column in the fifth day. The company who owns this hranium needs a new technology bikleaching solve this problem.