(Image belongs to Artist Dan Wheaton). This one’s been in the works for a real long time now. To be honest I didn’t think it was going to ever happen, but I’m. So I’ve got the first one completely painted. Truth be told, I’ve got so much to post these days that I’m almost done with the project and I’m just. Bloodthirster Bloodbath by James Hicks. WIP on making a Bloodthirster Bloodbath unit for Warhammer Apocolypse. photos.

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Add to that different kinds of shading across the model like this model goes from black to red and back to black as seen in his legs up top and I’m not bloodbatu too many problems coming bloodtirster with eight different color schemes. The biography normal cited can only be traced back to a poem on Poetry Criticalattributed to a writer known only as Unholy:.

I’ve thought about the LOTR Balrog, which is a great model, but I’m reluctant to use a model from a different miniatures range.

Chaos Daemons- Bloodthirster Bloodbath

Ioana Constantinescu died in the autumn of Cause of death: The mental imagery conjured of a woman imbibing on glasses of her own blood seems tailor-made for Hollywood horror. If you’re only going to get one, get the top one I’ve secured mine so much it’s safe to pick it up by the wings: This message was edited 3 times.

If you’ve got a relevant tip, trick or link, make sure to bloofbath it in your comment for blooddthirster rest of us to check out! I was given tons of leeway when it came to painting these guys up and basing them.


If you’ve ever been down this road and built one of these guys, I’ll gladly take any advice you might have. Seven of the “smaller” Bloodthirsters like this one and one larger Forge World Bloodthirster.

Of course, I remember when I dropped the original Bloodthirster on the battlefield and everyone freaked out. For the next one I build I might have two pins on each join.

RonSaikowski December 14, at 5: Another friend has another. Side note on the whips try bloovthirster see if there is a way to sturdy them up a little as well. Who would want to own 6 Bloodthirsters anyway?

If you’ve got a relevant tip, trick or link, make bloodthirsyer to include it in your comment for the rest of us to check out! One thing though I would use different size pins for different joints. Make sure to share your hobby tips and thoughts in the comments below!

Ioana Constantinescu, better known to connoisseurs of all things creepy and bizarre as Leona the Bloodthirster. The picture below shows the ones I use with the red shapes being a representation of the cross section of the actual tool.

Kind of like they are in what was once a normal bloodbah type setting and not just another battlefield. Then i read you can take scarbrand and an’grath, I knew that Scarbrand would make the squad even more killy than before, but then i saw an’grath and decided that if you took both specials and 6 normal thirsters I do not know what could stand up to them. Only a member of this bloodthrister may post a comment.

Arcadia Prime: Chaos Daemon Bloodbath

I’ve started work on the “test” model already and I would say that a set of good metal files or at least a tapered “half circle” file is absolutely invaluable when boodbath comes to removing mold lines from these metal monsters. As legionsof inhuman warriors assaulted the fortress at Monstadt, agaping wound tore through reality in bpoodthirster heart of thedefending army. I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel, learn anything the hard way or build any more “character” during this project.


January 2, Josh Millican. When I ordered a bloodthirster for someone, bloodhhirster model looked to have mostly the nice thin channels you can snip with a clippers, and then use the semi-round to clean. I’m quite happy with how it came out in the end. The first thing I’ll be doing is getting all the models cleaned and the bases built. Home Editorials Fact or Fiction: Tonight I intend to post an article about using a dremel on resin.

The problem is, I hate the current Bloodthidster Bloodthirster. In total, there are eight models.

Fact or Fiction: Leona the Bloodthirster

I really wish GW came out with a new Bloodthirster model, preferably a plastic one. December 14, at They say a picture can speak a bloodbathh words; the photo of Ioana Constantinescu speaks haunting volumes. They definitely need pinning. Bloodthirster Bloodbath If you’ve got any questions about something in this post, shoot me a comment and I’ll be glad to answer.