products and disclaimers thereto appears at the end of this data sheet. With the MODE pin low, the bq/1 defaults to USB charging at the charge rate. BQ datasheet, BQ circuit, BQ data sheet: TI – SINGLE-CHIP LI -ION CHARGE AND SYSTEM POWER-PATH MANAGEMENT IC,alldatasheet. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. Date/Time, Dimensions, User, Comment. current, , 7 December , ( MB), Knight (talk.

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When input current remains below 2 A, the battery charging current may be raised until the thermal regulation limits the charge current.

It is difficult to estimate a total safety time without integrating the above equation over the charge cycle. In most applications, all that is needed is a high-frequency decoupling capacitor on the input. For example, if the peak system datashewt is 1. These are stress ratings only, and functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated under recommended operating conditions qb24070 not implied.

However, the user may increase the datwsheet by adding two external resistors. The system’s power management is responsible for keeping its system load below the USB current level selected if the battery is critically low or missing. The bq powers the system while independently charging the battery. Once the output load is reduced, such that the mA current source can pick up the output within mV of the battery, the FET turns back on.

Turning off the active source before turning on the replacement source is referred to as break-before-make switching.


The recommended capacitance is 1 nF to 10 nF. TS Pin Configuration Figure This feature revives deeply discharged cells. I DPPM is the internal current source. Reproduction of this information with alteration is an unfair and deceptive business practice.


Table 1 summarizes the MODE pin function. The output returns to its regulated value, and the battery returns to its programmed current level. Submit Documentation Feedback 3 bq www. Therefore, it is customary to perform the steady-state thermal design using 3. Dynamic Power-Path Management DPPM This feature monitors the output voltage system voltage for input nq24070 loss due to brown outs, current limiting, or removal of the input supply.

The voltage on the ISET1 pin is directly proportional to the programmed charging current. The timeout is extended if the charge bs24070 is reduced by Daatasheet or thermal regulation. This proprietary feature is designed to prevent against early or false termination. The current remains high at current limit and the voltage drop is large for maximum power dissipation.

A capacitor can be placed on the DPPM pin datasheer delay implementing the short-circuit mode and get unrestricted not limited current. The bq enters the low-power standby mode when the CE input is low with input present. Following are URLs where you can obtain information on other Texas Instruments products and application solutions: Timer Fault Recovery As shown in Figure 3, bq provides a recovery method to deal with timer fault conditions.

When the output load current is reduced, the operation described datashwet reversed as shown. The K TMR parameter is specified in the specifications table. If VOUT drops to the battery voltage, the battery is able to supplement the input current to the system. The rate of discharge on the output is a function of bq240070 capacitance and load. This ensures proper hot plug power up with a no-load condition no system load or battery attached.


The power pad should be tied to the VSS plane.

This ensures proper hot plug power up with a no-load condition no system load or battery attached. It does this by reducing the noncritical charging load while maintaining the maximum power output of the adaptor.

It can be calculated from Equation The package includes a QFN thermal pad to provide an effective thermal contact between the device and the printed-circuit board PCB.

This is DPPM mode.

Once the battery falls datasueet the recharge threshold, the bq clears the fault and starts a new charge cycle. Submit Documentation Feedback bq www.

To recover from this state, there is a mA current source from the battery to the output.

BQ Datasheet PDF –

The package includes a QFN thermal pad to. This short-circuit disable feature was implemented mainly for power up when inserting a battery. Note that this action eliminates all safety timers, and also clears any timer fault.

In addition, this product uses package materials that do not contain halogens, including bromine Br or antimony Sb above 0. The most common measure of package thermal performance is.