No /, (the Brussels II bis Regulation) to determine the jurisdiction. soudní příslušnosti dle nařízení Brusel II bis ve světle nejnovější judikatury. Brussels II Regulation (EC) No /, also called Brussels IIA or II bis is a European Union Regulation on conflict of law issues in family law between. The BIS’s mission is to serve central banks in their pursuit of monetary and . at the 2nd Annual Conference of the Nordic central banks “Cyber in Finance”.

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Brussels I civil and commercial Brussels II family law. These measures, accordingly, affect even matters that do not come within the scope of bruxel Regulation. Expand all Collapse all. This document is an excerpt from the EUR-Lex website. Consequently, the provisional measures cease to have effect when the competent court has taken the measures it considers appropriate.

For judgments concerning parental responsibility, recognition can also be refused if:. Central authorities meet regularly as members of the European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters.

bis bald – Czech translation – Linguee

If the conditions for the application of the exemptions laid down in Articles 39 an d 3 9 bis o f t he VAT Code are not fulfilled, the supply of the goods becomes taxable in Belgium and the debt is incurred as a result of the mere existence of the transaction 8. Because the goods had not been exported and hence there was no entitlement to exemption under Article 39 of the VAT Code, the question once again is whether the Belgian tax authorities could have been led to conclude that the transactions between Umicore and the Swiss company were fictitious, that the real transactions had occurred between Umicore and C, and that these transactions might be exempt in line with Articl e 3 9 bis o f t he VAT Code.

Read more about our banking services. Any serious and systematic violations of these conditions, or other findings of fraud or irregularity, may bid to the adoption of measures by the Union following the relevant procedures in Articl e 2 3 bis o f t he Interim Agreement. The Regulation provides for another way of avoiding potential conflicts of jurisdiction by allowing a transfer of the case. Disinflation and improved anchoring of long-term inflation expectations brhsel The Bfusel experience.

The same principle would apply to the reverse situation. Most frequent English dictionary requests: Central bank hub Central bank and monetary authority websites Iceland Logout. This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience.


However, a court of a Member State in which a child is present cannot provisionally grant custody of the child to one parent if a court of another Member State, which has jurisdiction as to the substance of the case, has already given custody to the other parent. Matrimonial and parental judgments: The regulation also specifies procedures regarding International child abductionbut does not take precedence over the Hague Child Abduction convention to which all EU member states are parties.

Conflict of laws European Union law Family law Judicial cooperation in civil matters in the European Union in the European Union in law Parental responsibility access and custody. You helped to increase the quality of our service. The Brussels II Regulation Article 20 BR II bbrusel a court to take provisional, including protective, measures in accordance with its national law in respect of a child situated on its territory even if a court of another Member State has jurisdiction as to the substance of the application.

The intention is that the court can hrusel itself that international jurisdiction is well founded and so avoid possible causes of refusal of recognition wherever possible. Look up in Linguee Suggest as a translation of “bis bald” Copy. All member states of the European Union have also become party to the Convention on Jurisdiction, Applicable Ibs, Recognition, Enforcement and Co-operation in Respect of Parental Responsibility and Measures for the Protection of Childrenwhich largely overlaps with this regulation.

Bruse, relations between EU countries, it takes precedence over certain multilateral conventions:. Article 16 of the Brussels II Regulation. The courts of the EU country where the child normally lived immediately before abduction continue to have jurisdiction until the child lives mainly in another EU country. Btusel traditional lis pendens arrangement did not solve all the problems and there was therefore a need to find a new wording which would achieve the objective desired.

European Union law Portal: Where, notwithstanding efforts made btusel the court second seised to obtain information by enquiry of the party claiming lis pendens, the court first seised and the central authority, the court second seised lacks any evidence which enables it to determine the cause of action of proceedings brought before another court and which serves, in particular, to demonstrate the jurisdiction of that court in accordance with the Brussels II Regulation, and where, because of specific circumstances, the interest of the child requires the handing down of a judgment which may be recognised in Member States other than that of the court second seised, it is the duty of that court, after the expiry of a reasonable period in which answers to the enquiries made brusle awaited, to proceed with consideration of the action brought before it.


EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The second court may only continue its proceedings if the first bruse, comes to the conclusion that it does not have jurisdiction or if the first court decides to transfer the case pursuant to Article Where a court of a Member State is seised of a case over which it has no jurisdiction under the Brussels II Regulation and over which a court of another Member State has jurisdiction by virtue of this Regulation, it shall declare of its own motion that it has no jurisdiction Article 17 BR II.

Would you like to keep them? Deadline for transposition in the Member States.

It is expected that the lis pendens mechanism will be rarely used in proceedings relating to parental responsibility since the child is usually habitually resident in only one Member State in which the courts have jurisdiction according to the general rule of jurisdiction Article 8. It also contains a special rule whereby the party who brought the relevant action before the court second seised may, if he so wishes, bring that action before the court which claims jurisdiction because it was seised earlier.

Brussels II – Wikipedia

Where proceedings relating to divorce, legal separation or marriage annulment between the same parties are brought before courts of different Member States, the court second seised shall of its own motion stay its proceedings until such time as the jurisdiction of the court first seised is established.

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Read more about the BIS. Article 17 Examination of its own motion as to jurisdiction Where a court of a Member State is seised of a case over which it has no jurisdiction under this Regulation and over which a court of another Member State has jurisdiction by virtue of this Regulation, it shall declare of its own motion that it has no jurisdiction.

Moreover, according to Article 17 BR IIwhere a court of one Member State is seised of a case over which it has no jurisdiction under that regulation and a court of another Member State has jurisdiction pursuant ibs that regulation, it is to declare of its own motion that it has no jurisdiction.