New York Times bestselling author Cathy Maxwell has captivated her Now she asks the question: What is the price a woman pays for one indiscretion?. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cathy Maxwell delivers another passionate romance that is sure to delight her dedicated fans and increase. Left destitute after the death of their father, Miranda Cameron and her two sisters are forced to to use their feminine wiles in order to save themselves from the.

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Immediately the other men surrounding her offered their services as well. Aug 14, do. Miranda and her chaperone continued their promenade. I really liked Alex from the first book indisctetion was kind of disappointed with the girl the author puts him with. I thought the two main characters were inane and annoying. He braced his hands against the railing. He had no desire to be part of the growing mob of men following her.

How we stood beside the river and followed the Shawnee way? Sometimes a girl just needs to read inciscretion bad literature, to ease the soppy romantic side. The most dangerous thing I have done: They were young, vital men in full dress with gleaming gold braid on their lapels.


Jun 17, LInda L rated it it was ok. They hopped to, and Alex meant to join them.

The Price of Indiscretion Book Summary and Study Guide

Flat Nose indiscreyion turned to go about his business but the others were more reluctant to lose sight of Miranda. He turned away from the railing, shutting his mind to the memories.

As a reader I really enjoy the characters having ‘pasts’ together and this story took that sort of story in a new direction through the characters themselves and how the story plays out. I really loved them in the first book but this one you kind of just want to hit them over the head!!

She had moments of pure ruthlessness but hard to blame a woman in czthy times trying to make her way in the world. The granddaughter of an earl, Miranda Cameron has had an unconventional upbringing. Alex went the English way and begged her father for her hand, only to be horsewhipped jaxwell an inch of his life.

With a very small side of history next to it. I really loved this book. Books by Cathy Maxwell. It pressed the thin material to her form, revealing long shapely legs, feminine hips, a sweetly indented waist, and curve of breasts. Jul 05, Jessi rated it did not like it Shelves: I spent half my time trying to figure out if parts were racist or not and the characters were rather, truly boring. Alex dismissed the unexpected sense thd familiarity.


The Price of Indiscretion (Cameron Sisters, #2) by Cathy Maxwell

Alex is not immune to her intoxicating sensuality. Click on a plot link to find similar books! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. His mind played tricks.

The Price of Indiscretion

There was no possibility—. Loved the headstrong ways of Miranda and Alex.

Its force was kindred to the sun bursting out behind the clouds after a storm. Upon recovering from her illness and discovering that she has been jilted by Alex, Miranda vows that she will marry a rich and powerful man and become the toast of the London season. He brought himself back to the present. Her growing coterie of admirers trailed after them like lapdogs—and amongst them saw the elusive Esteves.