Download Algemene voorwaarden CBW Buy from a CBW-INRETAIL-certified furniture shop offers many advantages, but especially it offers more collateral. In de ‘algemene voorwaarden voor overeenkomst op afstand voor woonwinkels’, opgesteld door het CBW, lees je alles over jouw rechten en plichten bij een. Deze algemene voorwaarden van de Centrale Branchevereniging Wonen (CBW) zijn totstandgekomen in overleg met de Consumentenbond in het kader van.

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If you have any questions about this privacy statement or data processing, please contact us with the contact information this website.

Elegant Cbw Voorwaarden Keuken | Keukens & Apparatuur

After your purchase a copy of your order will automatically be send to your preferred email address as order confirmation. Extended cooling-off period for products, services and digital content that voorwaarren not supplied on a tangible medium when not informed about the right of withdrawal: For specific warranty voorqaarden refer to the conditions on the back of your order form if registered click here for these additional terms. Pack the item in its original packaging.

The consumer shall only be liable for depreciation of the product that is the result of a way of coping with the product that goes beyond allowed in Member 1. We suggest that you choose to send the package insurance paid.

After you have successfully paid your order, you will receive an order confirmation by email. The notice period is not more than three months in the event the agreement extends to the regular, but less than once a month, delivery of voorwaaren, News- and weekly newspapers and magazines. If the contract is concluded electronically, the entrepreneur will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to secure the electronic transfer of data and will ensure a secure Web environment.

Webshop keurmerk will not deal with a dispute or the treatment discontinuation, suspension of payment is granted, This has become bankrupt or his business end or the Web shop by Webshop keurmerk is suspended or disbarred. When clicking on an item you will reach the product detail page of the item with more product information. As soon as possible, but within 14 days from the day following the in Member 1 notification referred to, the consumer shall send back the product, or he hands over this to an authorized representative of the entrepreneur.


If the supply of a product consists of several consignments or parts: If the consumer revokes it after first to have expressly requested that the rendering of the service, or the supply of gas, water or electricity that is not ready for sale are made in a limited volume or set quantity to begin during the cooling-off period, the consumer is the entrepreneur an amount in proportion to that part of the undertaking that is fulfilled by the entrepreneur at the time of revocation, compared to the full compliance of the commitment.

General Terms And Conditions

Article 13 — Delivery and execution The trader will take the greatest possible care when receiving and implementing orders for products and in the cbww of applications for the provision of services.

Under extra warranty is understood to comprise any commitment of the entrepreneur, his supplier, importer or producer in which it assigns to the consumer certain rights or claims that go beyond that this is required by law in case he is guilty of serious misconduct in the performance of his part of the agreement.

Purchases that do not meet the above rules remain your property. It is also possible to file complaints to sign up through the European ODR platform https: In case of an expensive transaction, the stipulation in the previous paragraph applies only to the first delivery.

Online service

In that case, the buyer may terminate the agreement by notifying in writing, after which the payment will eventually be repaid within 10 days to the buyer.

Privacy statement At Stigter-tuinmeubelen. Not later than 12 months after the dispute arose, the dispute to be made in writing to Webshop keurmerk.

Download Algemene voorwaarden Stigter. We keep this course for 15 minutes. Also if the consumer is resident abroad. If this is not reasonably possible, the entrepreneur will before the distance contract is concluded, which the General conditions at the entrepreneur and that at the request of the consumer as quickly as possible be sent free of charge.

Always use as much of the original packaging including the packing material supplied to protect the item being returned.

Refund of the purchase price will be send as soon as possible, within 14 days after the return. Webshop keurmerk CBW recognized. Stigter furniture uses a secure website environment. Fill in the enclosed return form and enclose it with vooraaarden item you want to return.


This reflection, or trial period starts when you receive the product. Additional or different terms these terms and conditions may not be to the detriment of the consumer and should be recorded in writing or in such a way that the consumer can be on an accessible stored on a durable medium.

Almost the entire collection is available from stock and can be delivered to your house free of charge. What must you do to exercise the right of withdrawal? The description is sufficiently detailed to a proper assessment of the offer by the consumer as possible.

Stores that CBW-recognised, handling terms and conditions that protect you as a consumer, extra good. The delivery delay can therefore be longer than indicated. Collection teak furniture live Sleep Garden furniture Home accessories. The consumer shall not charge for the full or partial delivery of non digital content delivered on a tangible medium, If: Do you have any questions or comments, we are most voorsaarden to hear from you!

The in the offer of products or services mentioned prices include VAT. If desired, you can have your order shipped to a different address. When you choose to do this, we require the payment to arrive at least 24 hours prior to the delivery of the products. Provided data will be SSL encrypted. If the consumer voorqaarden not make his payment obligation voordaarden does, is this, After he by the entrepreneur has been advised of the late payment and the entrepreneur the consumer a term of 14 days has awarded to still his payment obligations, After failing payment within this day-term, the statutory interest on the outstanding amount and the entrepreneur is entitled the extrajudicial collection costs to charge.

Price increases within 3 months after the conclusion of the agreement are only allowed if they are the cnw of statutory regulations or stipulations.