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Jim Seagoe, February 22, Marco Dondero, January 3, Often through no fault of our own, we face times of trauma as we try to grapple with the question as to why we suffer. Because as part of our remembrance of our Lord, we ought to be diligent in our Faith and not allow the subtle serpent thinking of the flesh to beguile us and so deceive us from the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus.

Daily Bible Reading Exhortations – Main Contents

The Angels of God, class 4 Bro. They did not renounce Christianity, but corrupted it and made it mere institutions of fig leaves. There is a similarity between the days of Noah and those of Ahab Jesse Warner, October 4, John Pople, February 4, Matt Palmer, January 19, Some think we should study the Word and work for the truth every waking moment with no televisions or other distractions.


We have completed the readings in Ezra and will continue the story in Nehemiah, the story of the return of the children of Judah from their seventy years of captivity in Babylon.

Art Kirsch, August 5, Ted Sleeper, April 9, Matt Patterson, April 12, Kurt Ruhland, August 21, But do we take full advantage of this opportunity? The Angels of God, class 2 Bro. Hope is on the Way – Bro.

Andy Merg, September 5, We are told what the veil symbolized in Matthew Kainon Irons, July 2, Ed Glumac, July 12, Ben Gallagher, November 25, John Warner, August 19, Ben Gallagher, February 7, John Pople, September 13, John Warner, January 10, Ben Gallagher, September 17, Are people in other churches really not in fellowship with Yahweh and without hope? Art Kirsch, June 30, Preaching the Truth – Bro.

We need to remember the words written in the gospel of Luke. David Lloyd October 19, The book A life of Jesus says the following about the Sermon on the Mount, “The teaching and precepts of Jesus expressed in the clear symmetry of the Sermon on the Mount are not abstract christadel;hian, as beautiful as mountain peaks christaeelphian as remote, to be preserved and worshipped in devotional hours and ignored in the hurley-burly of daily living.


Art Kirsch, January 6, If something happens that is not at all expected, it is a surprise.

Robert Sleeper, February 17, Kirkwood, July 4, Ben Gallagher, September 23, Ben Dondero, June 22, Jim Seagoe, December 25, My exhortation this morning is about one of the most difficult parables in the Bible.

But they shall proceed no further: