Toxocara canis is worldwide-distributed helminth parasite of dogs and other canids. Toxocara canis is gonochoristic, adult worms measure from 9 to 18 cm, are. Frequency of the antibody anti-Toxocara canis in a community along the Os filhotes de cães infectados completam o ciclo em três a quatro semanas de anticorpo IgG antiToxocara canis no sangue ou fluídos biológicos dos pacientes. Para estudar a freqüência da infecção pelo Toxocara canis em crianças de classes Dadas as características do ciclo de transmissão da toxocaríase, é possível . Assim, os dois grupos estudados são representativos das condições de vida.

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Frequency of seropositivity to Toxocara canis in children of different socioeconomic strata. Frequency of seropositivity for Toxocara in children from different socioeconomic strata in the city of Brasilia Brazil was measured.

Six hundred and two children of both sexes, blologico one to 12 years were distributed in two socioeconomically distinct groups. The samples of sera of the first group were obtained from blood drawn for routine tests in the laboratory of a public hospital attending children from low-income families. Samples from the second group were obtained from private laboratories attending children from middle-class families. Anti- toxocara antibodies were detected by ELISA, using Toxocara canis excretory-secretory antigens previously absorbed with Ascaris suum extract.



The prevalence of seropositivity was No differences in frequency according to biologifo or sex could be detected. Our results suggest a high prevalence of childhood toxocariasis in Brasilia, with children from lower income brackets being the most affected.

As larvas foram liberadas dos ovos e cultivadas em meio de Eagle, isento de soro. Foram testadas amostras de soros. Frequency of human toxocariasis in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.

Toxocara canis – Wikipedia

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CDC – Toxocariasis – Biology

Its seroprevalence in the city of La Plata. Survey of Ophtalmolology Development of a highly specific recombinant Toxocara canis second-stage larva excretory-secretory antigen ce immunodiagnosis of human toxocariasis. Journal of Clinical Microbiology All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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