System requirements – What’s new – Install and configure -. Important update about Citrix Receiver. Beginning August , Citrix. Mobile productivity apps (formerly XenMobile Apps).

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Citrix AppLayering

See below for more details. No hard feeling here, we hope that the customers will react positively and embrace this initiative. Read more to learn if your favorite brand made it through. The company choose to ciyrix individual low-key announcements instead of make a big rebranding announcement, keeping the focus on innovation. Uncategorized Nov 13, Hypervisor Monitoring and Proactive Alerts in Director.

Citrix Customer Admins Needed. Ultimately this is a good decision. Citrix XenServer is now Citrix Hypervisor. It would not be the first time: When customers succeed, Citrix wins.

eDocs, admin guides, and PDFs | Citrix Blogs

While a rebrand can certainly be considered innovative from a marketing standpoint, Citrix decided to this initiative at Synergywhere the focus is supposed to be on technical innovation. December 31,citric Citrix believes that the new branding will be more appealing and bring in more business. A confused customer is a citriix that can be easily convinced to go somewhere else. The solution is currently in development and we are actively working to get this feature implemented into eDocs.


Citrix has a long history of renaming its products, not always for the better.

StoreFront unifies the user experience. It is not uncommon to hear customers say that they dislike Citrix, but love NetScaler. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Premium: Furthermore, I would not citfix surprised if Citrix rolls back this change after few months because of the confusion.

Citrix will process your data according to our Privacy Policy.

The real question fdocs whether or not Citrix will gain new customers in unifying its portfolio. Specifically, that means providing PDFs with greatly improved formatting, styling, hypertext links, tables of contents, etc.

We expected Citrix to unify both products into a shared name as they already did with XenDesktop 7. It seems that Citrix got cold feet again and decided to go against converging to one product. The good thing is that Citrix is unifying all its clients into WorkSpace App. Citrix Receiver is ctrix the most well-known product from Citrix as all users have to install ecocs on their personal devices.


Networking Uncategorized Oct 4. For now you can expect both previous and new names to co-exist for a while features description, SKU, registry keys, edocs, etc.

Citrix® XenApp® 6.5 Expert Cookbook by Esther Barthel MSc

You might be interested in. You shall now call it Citrix Endpoint Management.

It is now official, as Citrix announced the changes during Synergy Citrix Tech Bytes Dec Get the most out of Citrix Cloud deployments. Most likely, customers will not drop Citrix products because of fitrix unnecessary initiative. Yes No Your subscription must be activated.

But the competition is likely waiting for Citrix to make a mistake, so they can jump in and lure away its customers.