the issue is everybody makes new topic and wants to get FULL guide about gear, stigmas for each case of life. For cleric there are many sets. Oct 14, Aion brings with it a lot of changes in terms of overall gameplay and the simplification of the game. However, Cleric’s the goodnews is your. Oct 29, If you picked the path of the Cleric, you signed a contract secretly. A Daeva of healing must dedicate themsevles to little more than the status of.

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I downloaded the 6. The gear limitations, ie: Also, heals are not effected by Magic Boost, making that stats also a non-issue for healers. I think Templars still can use Greatswords, because you can craft them in Aetherforging.

cleric TIPS

When looking for manastones and gear stats, there are a few key facts to keep in mind. In EU, you will receive 40 Luna for free for each time you activate a Gold Pack, which seems reasonable enough, but this is just another pit to sink your money in. Share this post Link ckeric post Share on other sites. Just now, Kubei-DN said:.

Doing PvP instances gives you PvP stuff. While soloing, you will want to pull with Smite and trigger Thunderbolt when it procs.

Aion Cleric Class Leveling Guide

Because I’m about to have an angry husband and me if templar can’t use greatswords period after guode much we dropped into getting him this specific greatsword skin. Level 10 brings you a wealth of new abilities, along with a few upgrades to old favorites. I think i ended up opening a total of or so counting today’s contracts and did not get any more ancients past those that i got at around the mark.


Mirash sometimes drops a bundle and it’s still a random for your class. Your browser has JavaScript disabled.

cleric TIPS – Cleric – Aion EN

But this feels more like Dauntless and a few other games I can think of where the sole focus is combat and PVP with what is left of Aion’s story left in as just an afterthought. Not trying to sound dumb, but does that mean no one can use greatsword? Legendary grades purple are near impossible. Loot everything, sell everything. It’s the same everywhere, but linking it might be worth it.

I thank you in advance for your replies. I still thank you for the list you’ve obviously put a lot of time and attention to detail with. When solo-grinding or questing, the Cleric will probably be better served by the staff.

Do your Luna instances, because NCWest will modify the drops and items obtainable in it. If you re-read some posts, you’ll see I was wrong lol. Gonna correct my original post.

This goes for weapons as well. Rest assured, if it’s there, it’ll be here too. The guy in the video has Ultimate, but I don’t think that’s much of a difference. Don’t know what NA will do about it though, if anything. When I tried to find the selective identification on my KR account, it wasn’t there, I wonder if it’s because I used ancient grade?

Ajon sure how it’s gonna be here on NA.


Welp, checked PTS again to be sure, turns out Clerics can use staves after all, just very late on level. Took this from Jalnu’s stream http: Instead of getting rewards every floor, you get a Coin you use to buy stuff from an NPC. Granted, I’m so far only at level 16 but I just want to make sure nothing glitched and that I am playing the correct version. Because games are mostly subjective, I suggest you try it yourself and then decide whether it’s worth your time or not.

Aion Cleric Class Leveling Guide

Stacking HP will give you a health pool sufficient to withstand some damage in a bad group situation, huide is probably more important than any other stat. I’m not sure if they’re planning to do something with that still. My Gladiator uses both these and the polearm as the main weapons.

In the healing department, Light of Rejuvenation gives you a heal-over-time spell, or HoT. Facebook 0 Twitter 0 Google Plus 0 Reddit 0.

The Cleric is one of the two specialized classes available to the Priest class once the player hits level Overall I think I was wrong with the weapons area, but gears are limited. Beshmundir Temple is a daily entry and resets everyday.

I was spamming instances and I haven’t seen the Shugo a single time.

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