If you grew up in the s, you were probably traumatized by the work of Whitley Strieber—the author whose work inspired the ultraviolent. The Communion Letters. 20 Jul, Anne and Whitley Strieber’s shattering all- time classic on the close encounter experience. Reading these letters, chosen. Whitley’s Strieber’s Communion is another formative object for me. Well, maybe “ formative” is a bad choice of words. After all, I was 12 when the.

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Sean Casteel January 20, 0. This is a guest post by Sean Casteel. The ideas, statements, and opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of Open Minds. Whitley Strieber with his book Solving the Communion Enigma. There are the usual locations and people present.

Book Review: Communion – A True Story, by Whitley Strieber | Beer Rants and Books

There are numerous accounts of this phenomenon, some of which came from the aforementioned letters from readers, while other similar incidents happened to Strieber himself as well as to guests in his home. Strieber foresees a future time when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead will fall, and the dead will come to dwell among us in a physical form and become a normal part of everyday life.

Like so much of what Strieber has to say about his experiences, the idea is both frightening and beautiful at the same time. Well, my life experience and my work are very much about the body.

I think that the meditation I have been practicing for now over 40 years has gradually enabled me to deepen sensation in such a way that I can feel more of the limits of the body, because the body starts in the deep physical and radiates into other spectra.

The body IS the spirit. Is the alien abduction experience a spiritual one to you? The experience ranges from the ferocious and the extraordinarily difficult to the sublime. And it lands everywhere in-between on the spectra. A good experience or a bad experience? But do striebrr feel commnuion you and other abductees are dealing with entities that man has historically described as spirits?

Man has described them as all sorts of things. The languages that we have are not well-suited to describing either the experiences or what we encounter in them, because our languages emerged out of an attempt to communicate about the physical world around us.

So we have trouble describing them. In spite of how unpleasant abduction can be, has the experience nevertheless helped you to grow spiritually? What a person takes from this depends entirely on what xtrieber give to it. If they give fear, they will take anger and hatred. If they give curiosity, they make take what I got, which was years in a sort whitey school, of lessons, that were intended to display to me some notion of what was happening to me and what was going on and what the world around us really means.

This got deeper and deeper and deeper over the years. It changed me profoundly. However, if after the initial experience, I had turned away from it and simply buried it in my mind and decided it must be some sort of a nightmare, nothing else would ever have happened. When a close encounter experience occurs, a person can react to it in any number of different ways.

Among them is a very negative reaction if the encounter strrieber ferocious or difficult, as it can be. And my initial ones certainly were. You can turn toward striebre, which is what I did.


That relationship enabled me to see things about our world that are almost entirely invisible to us. You say in the new book that the visitors and their seemingly paranormal abilities are woven into the patterns of everyday life. Can you expound on that a little here? Two hundred years communioon, a lot of people would have thought that radio proved the existence of ghosts or demons or whatever.

And there are many instances in the letters we received of encounters happening right in public places with nobody noticing. People see what they want to see, and they can be very easily controlled. I know an interesting man, a science reporter named Ralph Steiner, who was driving down the street in Berkeley one day and saw to his cokmunion, very clearly, UFOs just overarching the sky, a whole group of them.

He did come back communiion that time, com,union there they were again. Another case involves a psychologist who was driving down the Brooklyn-Queens expressway near LaGuardia Airport striebef New York, and he suddenly saw what looked like sttrieber enormous airplane coming low over the highway, like it was going to land on the highway.

He was just stunned by what he was seeing. Everybody else was going along the road, but he realized this thing was fake. And as soon as he realized that, he saw something going on on the roadside. There was a big lighted thing like a billboard with these strange symbols racing across it. And there were cars pulling up on the roadside and people getting out of the cars and walking up on to the shoulder of the road, which was quite wide and dark at wihtley point.

So he pulled up and he got out. He was walking with the other people toward the shoulder and suddenly a group of small figures — which he described as almost clown-like figures, very short, about three or four feet tall — surrounded him.

Get out of here. He got in his car and drove away. Now, to me, what this means strjeber this has penetrated deeply into our world.

This is part of us.

A Conversation With Whitley Strieber |

We are part of it. It is part of the human experience and when we are looking at the so-called aliens, we are looking at an aspect of the human experience also. You say this may have happened to the visitors themselves at one point in their evolutionary development, resulting in them going a bit stribeer from being trapped in a final version of reality forever.

The experience I had was this: I had contact with some of the visitors out in the woods at night sometimes. It was very brief and ephemeral. But nevertheless, sometimes I could have an interaction. And what the interaction would consist of would be of me either speaking out loud or thinking a question.

There would generally be an answer in the form of vivid imagery in my mind. At this time I believe I spoke the question, about what the universe meant to them.

The answer was very immediate. It was a picture of a coffin.

And it shocked me, because of course I expected some sort of wonder, but instead, this coffin. I was shocked to my core because I thought what despair must be involved. But then, when they are directing themselves toward us, they are reliving the wonder of childhood. We might be a kind of an extraordinary refuge against the madness that threatens when you find that you know everything but cannot escape.

Is there still a possibility of us being colonized and exploited by the visitors? Whitley Strieber left and interviewer Sean Casteel right. How do you see the whole Disclosure movement? A bunch of military people have tried to understand this in the terms of modern military thinking? The idea that they may have some clear, useful knowledge to me is laughable. The experience is so chimerical and difficult to pin down.


The government and the military probably have answers that are very fear-based and based in the fundamental illogic of the assumption that the physical and spiritual worlds are two different things. Those answers are likely to be completely wrong. But I think that the public would take them as gospel truth, because they came from the insiders, the in-the-know people in the government, if there are any.

That would be very unfortunate. It would be very misleading. Milton Torres gave interviews in and regarding a Ministry of Defence report that was released in detailing the fact that the U. Air Force, when Milton Torres was a pilot inordered him to attempt to shoot down a large UFO, along with a couple of other pilots. When they began to go through their firing sequence to fire at it, it disappeared. Torres said it was the size of an aircraft carrier.

As recently as the Stephenville UFO incident inStephenville, Texas, MUFON investigators, after a Freedom of Information Act request, received radar returns that indicated that exactly what had been seen from the ground by witnesses in fact happened.

That is to say, witnesses saw UFOs moving overhead and being chased by military aircraft, and the radar returns showed that despite the false statements made by Carswell Air Force Base officers, in fact Carswell planes were detailed to chase these UFOs and did so.

So this kind of response, anyone who is responding to this presence in this way is wrong about it, is completely mistaken about it, is taking it in the most simplistic possible way. Or innocent little tribesmen from some lost tribe shaking their spears at airplanes.

The close encounter experience sometimes also includes the appearance of deceased friends and family, which implies that the visitors can cross between our world and the world of the dead. Can you discuss that further here? I have been thinking a lot about that, because there can be no question that this is true.

So it is true. When I had my first close encounter, there was a man there who I knew. The reason I initially thought that I was the victim of some kind of criminal communkon, being assaulted and drugged and so forth, was that he was there. He had been a Central Intelligence Agency agent and I was just suspicious that something was up. Then I was amazed to find that he was dead. We used to have people in groups up to our cabin and we found that they often would see the dead srrieber the context of the visitors.

Two people sleeping in the bed in the basement woke up to find a dead friend standing at the foot of the bed. They will be part of life in a certain way.

Book Review: Communion – A True Story, by Whitley Strieber

But they bring with them a dropping of the veil between the living and the dead. I have had in my experience a relationship with someone I regarded — and who identified himself — as dead. The relationship lasted for three years.