8, , Table of Contents (Masterformat ), , Table of Contents ( Masterformat ). 9, , List of Drawings, , List of Drawing Sheets. CSI MasterFormat Edition: Division 15 Mechanical-Section Fire Protection Piping. CSI MasterFormat Edition: Division 21 Fire. MasterFormat™ to Sorted by current NMS () numbers. Page 1 of Note: Numbers in Bold are revised NMS titles. Existing Numbers and Titles.

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Polymer impregnated woven nylon fabric in hollow-loop configuration. Part 1 includes administrative requirements that are unique to the subject of the section insulationwithout repeating requirements specified in Division 01—General Requirements.

Instead, in the new division numbering scheme, CSI reserved Division 15 for future building-construction subjects. Find a Distributor Looking for someone masterormat can help? Keeping the construction-contract documents organized so that readers can retrieve specific fsi easily during bidding and construction phases has necessitated a review of how mechanical insulation specifications should be written and organized.

The Standard CSI Specs

In the edition of MasterFormat, Division 15—Mechanical has been discontinued. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But this theme me very much interests. When insulation systems are carefully engineered, the results usually include different materials, varying thicknesses, and varying installation requirements for each building service, as well as for the same services installed in different environments.

SpecsIntact Specifications Kept Intactis an automated specifications processing system for preparing certain government facility construction projects using standard master specifications, called Master Text or Masters, supplied by each of three government agencies. In the update, this organizational scheme mastrformat, but mechanical specifications are now split among several divisions.

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MasterFormat is used throughout the construction industry to format specifications for construction contract documents. This version of MasterFormat is the most recent in a succession of updates to the industry standard. For product availability and information for your current location please select from the options below:.

2004/2010 MasterFormat Divisions Map

Comprehensive mechanical insulation specifications must communicate construction-contract requirements for the set of whole project requirements. Inmechanical insulation moved to a new location in Division 15—Mechanical: Adhesive peel strength shall be 60 piw minimum, standard 2 inches per minute at 25 degrees C.

Show fabrication details and anchorage. Verify doors were shipped in upright position. These developments have created a need to more carefully, accurately, and mastreformat specify construction-contract requirements relating to mechanical insulation.

Insulation is masterfromat, if ever, indicated on drawings, except for the occasional detail of how to insulate a particular item like a fitting or valve.

LEED Interpretations | U.S. Green Building Council

These are all factors in the insulation system design problem. A Section is divided into three Parts—”general,” “products,” and “execution. These are complex requirements and necessitate carefully written and maserformat specification sections.

Rigidly connect mount plate, stile and hinge shaft and secure hardware assembly to door with through-rivets at tubing and aluminum or stainless steel screws to stile. Each Division is subdivided into a number of Sections.

Often, the specifications for pipe insulation must be written with the understanding that the contractor has various options for which materials to use.

Align cam hardware and prepin. SectionFormat is a standard for organizing information within each Section.

An indication of the widespread acceptance of MasterFormat is that the ASTM standard for sustainability assessment of building products relies on MasterFormat to organize the data. Archived from the original on 22 March Find a distributor for all your commercial project needs.


A relatively new strategy to classify the built environment, named OmniClass, [4] incorporates the masterfoormat results classification in its Table 22 Work Results.

In addition, each service usually passes through different environments, including air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned spaces, areas where physical damage is probable, and spaces where damage is not likely. Install door with necessary anchors, hardware and accessories.

Retrieved 28 May The purpose of this format is to assist the user to organize information into distinct groups when creating contract documents, and to assist the user searching for specific information masterfor,at consistent locations. Your email address will not be published. So the specifications, as one part of the construction-contract documents, must describe what services to insulate, the materials to be used for each service which often varies with the service sizeand the thicknesses to be applied which also often varies with service size.

MasterFormat is a standard for organizing mastdrformat and other written information for commercial and institutional building projects in the U. SpecsIntact was developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA and designed for use by engineers, architects, interior designers, specification writers, project managers and construction managers.

It is a pity, that I can not participate in discussion now. Coordinate with responsible entity to perform corrective work on unsatisfactory conditions. Part 3 is the location to specify installation requirements, services and equipment to be insulated, and varying thicknesses for differing service sizes, without duplicating the product descriptions massterformat in Part 2.