Julie Kenner is a USA Today bestselling American author of romance and fantasy novels. She also writes with the pen names J.K. Beck and J. Kenner. In (Sub)urban and Urban Fantasy series by NYT bestselling author @juliekenner. Demon-Hunting soccer moms & kick-ass women fighting the apocalypse!. Currently reading the Stark Series by J. Kenner.. I just bought book 1 of the # starkseries by j kenner. @juliekenner can’t believe I forgot about this.

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Julie Kenner

What’s up with that? They always tell him what he wants to hear, not what they really think. Seductive and very, very addictive. But unbeknownst to her and Carl,she already has his attention So yeah, I loved him even with all the inconsistencies: Movie or TV Show?

I love a possessive, controlling, dominant and dirty mouthed man. jule

I don’t know how tennis players really talk, but I’d say they talk like normal people. This book was hot!! Damien is handsome, beautiful, magnificent — insert adjectives here. Can we get on with the story, please? Not all of them, but most of them. He is also a little bit rude, straightforward, unbelievably charismatic and always gets what he wants.

Not mentioned in the blurb. Quotes from Release Me.

I actually found her relatable and did not want to bitch slap her once! I love Damien and Nikki together.


La Saqueadora de Libros: Trilogía Stark de J. Kenner

But then, I began to see that beneath all that was a man, filled with dark secrets and controlling issues, but still retaining a sense of caring. No, there’s a few issues Overall, I really enjoyed reading this story and I was also very relieved that there weren’t any terrible cliffhangers at the end of this first part Let me tell you that it’s not easy to find a man with these characteristics However, he has met his match in Nikki.

That’s for everyone to find out. This ddsatame is so, so, so good!! The messed-up best friend. She writes some amazingly hot sex scenes.

Nikki uses pain to help with her problems. View all 3 comments.

And what he wants is So Damian wants Nikki to call him ‘sir’ and take commands from him. Do you want to see inside my head? She is at a party looking to hook a potential investor for her boss. Nikki is not your everyday heroine.

She’s also quite smart and wanting to start her own company. Despite her very real issues, she genuinely stands up for her self and seems like a mature and relativity rational person. I didn’t love or hate the story. She had a very effed up childhood with a horribly controlling mean Mother that resulted in Nikki doing painful things to herself.

I need book two so badly. Thinking that there is something between them, as they walk out to his limo, he puts her in his car, and sends her on her way We get a few glimpses into their past, and you can see the groundwork being set up that tells us both Damian and Nikki have dark and damaged pasts.


The bdsm is light-ish though not to my particular taste in romance, with the usual ‘Sir, may I please orgasm? Just because the guy is a kinky dominant billionaire doesn’t mean the story is the same.

SeduccionEntreLibros: Saga Stark – J. Kenner

I didn’t love or hate the characters. There’s the loyal best friends of Nikki IMHO that is awesome! The word derives julle the Latin. And to be honest this book wasn’t all that similar.

She use to cut herself and with this she is scarred. The moment they see each other sparks fly all around, there is an attraction that Nikki wants to avoid, but Damien doesn’t: Damien is edgy, dangerous and intense, has odd eyes full of dark promise and is deswtame a raven-haired God and Nikki is instantly mesmerised by his self-assured presence. Nikki has some inner demons that she’s not ready to share with anyone and letting Damien in is hard! I mean heck, if you’re gonna write about a bazillionaire, ya gotta have all the perks!

See all 4 questions about Release Me….