Thumbnail for Roberto Alcazar y Pedrin was selling ,00 copies a week. The series was originally called Roberto Alcázar, el intrépido aventurero español. fanzines y publicaciones pulp fiction dispuestos para su descarga libre y gratuita, muchos TEBEOS ANTIGUOS-ROBERTO ALCAZAR Y PEDRIN- RAFAEL. Roberto Alcázar y Pedrín, de Eduardo Vañó. ideas about Comic Book Covers. roberto alcazar y pedrin, anys Comic Book CoversComic BooksAdventure.

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So we can investigate further. Weekly magazine published by Editrial Bruguera, Barcelona, commencing We only hold comic books and images that are in the Public Domain. Good excuse for a good greet. Pacho Dinamita 15 El boxeador asesino Uploaded: One of many Phantom-like heroes. Dos americanos en Europa 24 – Feliz regreso Uploaded: Atomo Kid 29 Los hombres de las nieves Uploaded: Western adventures featuring Native American hero.


Published by Hispano Americana de Ediciones.

Looks like a rival to Roberto Alcazar, but short-lived. Comic book pedrinn of the classic heroes. Classic Spanish SF adventure strip. Viriato y la Destruccion de Numancia – Beautiful ’40’s masked hero comic.

A journey to Mars, a stowaway, thrilling escapades.

Spanish Language Books – Comic Book Plus

Published by Exclusivas Ferma, Barcelona. Published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona.

El Libertador 30 La boda del Libertador Uploaded: Ano 1, Uploaded: Colleccion 17 Anos We hope you enjoy your time here and come back really soon! With thanks to and courtesy of: Great pirate adventure with El Diablo de Los Mares.

Aquellos inolvidables tebeos

Another historical series with a mysterious masked swordsman. Weekly romance series for young Spanish ladies, published by Ediciones Toray, Barcelona.

As de Espadas, El Published by Ameller, Barcelona.

El Tesoro del Pirata ‘Ke-Ko’. Rayo Fantasma y Dedcargar. Originally an Italian striscia, this was reprinted in larger form in Spain. Jack y Dolly 14 – El fumadero de opio Uploaded: This Spanish series appeared originally in landscape format, published by Editorial Maga, Valencia.


Spanish Language Books

El Poder Invisible 27 – La mujer invisible Uploaded: Published by Editorial Maga, Valencia. As with many comics and characters from European countries, this hero appeared again in France in the mid ’70’s, re-named as Le Spectre, in a slightly larger pocket series, Fantastik.

Orlan is the youngest Viking warrior fighting against invading Alczar. Published by Editorial Grafidea, Barcelona. Llanera Vengadora, La Sort of the Spanish Flash Gordon.