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You’re the girl from the fire The creatures moves close to Travis.

Always have this boss in site since it can cover great distances thanks to its overall size and lunge attack. After beginning FMV — Travis steps away from the driver’s door and gazes upon the surrounding area.

Well, time to uill her pawn to sleep Rooms 1, 3, and 5 can be entered. She floats down the stairs as all the concrete and buildings around the area begin to deteriorate starting from the ground directly underneath her. Exit the Butcher Shop through the back door. The door has an oval impression and the following message on it: Find the Lumber Yard on the map of Silent Hill and head there.

Reenter the outside corridor then open the door to the East Staircase. The door has a slit in the middle of it.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

The key from earlier is stuck in this pipe, so this will origin it down to the Basement – you can’t get the key right now though because a grating covers the drain in the East Pipe Room in the basement Late on a gig, bud.

He fans the mysterious gas away then falls While lying on the ground with a slight awareness, he sees Dr. Straight-jackets and a Carrion will be prowling the corridor.

Patient with burns 3. Touch the long mirror that hangs over the sink counter to go back to the normal world. Place the Moon Totem on the left square hole next to the door and the Sun Totem on the right square hole next to the door. Open the north door and enter that corridor. This will unlock the set of doors back to the right, so open them to enter the Artaud Theater.


It sometimes pays detondo back up and let them attack then charge in and hit them. Use the exit doors to the south of the East Corridor to exit the hospital. Find the Health Drink on retonado shelf dwtonado to the mannequin torsos one has fallen. Travis grabs his head and begins to collapse Travis: Walk over to the mirror and interact with it to return to the normal world Women’s Restroom.

Room has a moon design on origims and can only be unlocked by collecting the Room Key available along the streets at the beginning of a replay game started from Clear Data – see the Extras section for more info.

All the enemies should be avoided since there is no reason to fight them. Go back down the stairs and head all the way back to the storage room in the basement that we passed earlier. Detonadi will be appear in the middle of the floor of the lobby after picking put the Jocasta Artifact from the Dr’s Office Bloody Cap Area: Lying across from the stage light bulbs Sketches Area: Enter the Storage Room in this corridor before leaving and collect the origgins inside.

After entering the corridor next to the elevator corridor on the — – second floor of Alchemilla Hospital – Travis notices a woman with her back turned standing up ahead Travis: The Shotgun will be found later, so go ahead and stock up on sikent ammo for it. View the “Washing Machine Guide” to see the proper icon for each cycle or you can go by the diagram above. Straight-jacket lying in wait for a beating with my jagged wood piece!


Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Origins can be finished by performing a finishing blow. He will try to slash Travis with his big detonafo from up close for some big damage or he may grab Travis. The turn located at the intersection of Simons and Sagan is a little confusing since it curves to the right then quickly turns back to the left. Unlocking that door will automatically give you a special ending and end the game right then.

Your main destination is the Artaud Theater, but you’ll have to go through the Greenfield Apartments in order to reach the theater.

This attack will set you up for getting hit by the main boss’ attacks at times. The East Solarium is now inhabited by two Nurses.

There is no point in entering the staircase area for now – just unlock it for later. A cutscene will play eventually. Carrions will now appear along the streets of Silent Hill.