A few chapters from the English translation of “Dievų Miškai” written by the celebrated Lithuanian author BALYS SRUOGA (—). Translated by Aušrinė. Faktas, kad ši knyga egzistuoja, nes autorius dažnai užsimena, kad blogiausia kas gali Dievų miškas – memuarų knyga, parašyta m. Title, Modalinių struktūrų reprezentacija knygos viršelyje: Balio Sruogos „Dievų miškas“ The representation of modal structures in book covers: balys sruoga’s.

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The block secretary undressed them, wrote the numbers on their chests, lined them up neatly in the washroom, and presented the notice of the number dead with their appropriate numbers and the block chief’s signature, to the camp government.

Balys Sruoga

Then no one can trace who it was that escaped. Having left the corpses, our heads hung low, my friend Jonas and I ambled away to do our kknyga and to wait for the time when it will be our turn to lay down on the snow by the hospital window.

Originally the novel was suppressed by the Soviet officials; it was ultimately published inten years after the author’s death.

Others — gaped and stared.

Modalinių struktūrų reprezentacija knygos viršelyje: Balio Sruogos „Dievų miškas“

If only the heavens wouldn’t begrudge him the sweetest sleep! In the forest, about one half meter high and even with the sea, was the area where the first tattered tents were erected — officially opening the concentration camp. In such an atmosphere, the cruel psyche of the camp resident matures. For a time he talked to himself, muttering about bosses for this kind and this kind of activities, until he began to loudly snore.

In a month you’ll be the same! The camp world is not just sinister, but absurdly so, and Sruoga’s prose manages to make art out of this absurdity. In my experience, people do not talk about the vastness of the mechanics devoted to the carrying out of genocide, nor the countless barracks, nor the stunning distance that was once filled by queues of prisoners disgorged from cattle trains facing the final selection that determined whether they would be sent to the gas chambers immediately, or given the chance to be worked and starved to death first.


Forest of the Gods, which is a prose work of his remembrances from Stutthof, already translated into Russian, Polish, French and Latvian, is presently being translated into English by B.

Suddenly, from the depths of the yard, surface two black men. May 01, Ieva rated it it was amazing. On one side bordered the Baltic Sea, so carefully guarded during the war. Inhe began teaching at Vilnius University. Only in the spring of was a reform passed concerning the matter of corpses. By its edge with their eyes closed, others—with open eyes, naked with a number marked down with chemical pencils on the chest and belly.

Mar 30, Hoshi rated it it was amazing. Dec 11, Miskaw rated it diveu liked it. In The Forest of Gods Balys Sruoga revealed life in a concentration camp through the eyes of a man whose only way to save his life and maintain his dignity was to view everything through a veil of irony and humor, where torturers and their victims are mskas as imperfect human beings, being far removed from the false ideals of their political leaders.

But what kind of triangle is right and proper? Otherwise, it was empty and barren, except for the pathetic rustlings of slender pines, as if they soughed in tearful sighs, remembering those times when the joyful gods raised their revelries. Hands down, one of the mis,as Lithuanian books.

Of course if he wasn’t smart enough to die at the right time, there turned up help. To his own surprise he meets his friends, people of Lithuanian intellectual community, in the holding cells. And the stick is still working — he has to lean on something: All the living are present, some corpse is missing! A human — not a machine: Forest of the Gods! Previously mentioned hypotheses are confirmed as modal structures were indeed helpful in comparing both the two constituents of a book and the different versions of the same book in different cultures.


Sep 08, Jurgita Zoviene rated it it was amazing. After returning to Mkskas, Sruoga taught at the University of Lithuaniaand established a theater seminar that eventually became a course of study. Books by Balys Sruoga. A broom’s bristles he took for a pillow. For example, take his description of Wacek Kozlowski, one of the camp enforcers drawn from the ranks of the prisoners themselves, designated “camp chiefs” by the authorities.

On the slopes and slants — huckleberries, blueberries, lingo berries braided, wove themselves into a succulent green carpet dotted with multicolored berries. A sharp curt command drove us up to one of these funny djevu like barns which showed itself to be living quarters. Meanwhile from the john emerges some kind of indefinite creation of the shadows, once perhaps similar to a man.

The man of the bruiser species announced himself inside: What can be done now? Ironija, groteskai, satyra ir t. A hypothesis is miskzs that modal structures can reveal links between the two constituents of a book. Mar 17, Philip Pollack rated it really liked it. He’s dried like a skeleton and over the bones is stretched blue flecked skin. The number of the corpse remains untouched in the books, crossed out is the number of the healthy and live man.