Source from the Dream Girls script © Tom Eyen and John F. Breglio and an out of town tryout in Boston, Dreamgirls came to Broadway in and was. Read the Dreamgirls full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Movie Scripts > Dreamgirls () .. It’s strictly pay-for-play with those boys. That takes . Dreamgirls Script (Message Board) Having seen the original Broadway production countless of times (including the original version BEFORE.

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What are you doing here? I mean, what’s the point? That place is so white, they don’t even let our boys park the cars. I’m just saying, you might do better if you were just a little more, you know It tells the truth. What do you say? Do I have to remind you that it’s New Year’s Eve?

What about how I feel?

Baby, you know I love you. Every man has his own special dream And that dream’s just about to come true Life’s not as bad as it may seem If you open your eyes to what’s in front of you We’re your dream girls Boys, we’ll make you happy We’re your dream girls Boys, we’ll always care We’ll always care We’re your dream girls Dream girls will never leave you Never, never, never, never, never leave you And all you got to do is dream All you got to do is dresmgirls Just dream and, baby we’ll be there We’ll be there We’ll be there We’ll be there.

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Love, love dreamgirlw, baby Love, love me, child ‘Cause, baby, baby, baby You’re driving me wild Listen, listen, listen. Made my peach cobbler! That’ll put him where he should be, making musicall type of money he should be making. And you’re still a second-class snake.

At this point Curtis feels the girls are popular enough to go out on their own with a more sophisticated name: I’ve taken you to every club in this freezing town, and I’m telling you that this is it.

America’s sweetheart here has got a potty mouth.

Well, they offered me the part and I’m taking it. You stole my dream, Deena, and you stole my man!

Dreamgirls – Script

Hey, man, who musifal this guy? We’re on the radio, Curtis! Don’t you walk out on me, Jimmy Early! It’s either three or nothing.

What’s so wrong with that?

Then read it again! You couldn’t get Sammy Davis, Jr in there.

Hey, Curtis, I don’t beg! Who starred in the original cast? First time I met him was right here in this club. Um, the resolution of Jimmy’s character is awfully different from each version too.

Deena, I want you to meet this guy out here. Maybe I’m just tired. But I can’t play that part.

Broadway Musical Home – Dreamgirls

My husband has his hands full with the music side right now. Steppin’ to the bad side Gonna take a mean ride The smile I had is gone away Those that steal are gonna pay Steppin’ to the bad side today I’m telling you now, it’s got to end No more trusting them, my friend Change our style Change our tone Make the songs we sing our own Steppin’ to the bad side Gonna take a mean ride I’ll get you all the breaks you need In just two years, we’ll be in the lead Can’t sit back, it’s plain to see Open your eyes and trust in me Steppin’ to the bad side Gonna take a mean ride I was a man who tried to be good I was always misunderstood You can’t play fair or be too meek You gotta get way down and show your danger streak Steppin’ to the bad side Here’s a great new song from Jimmy Early and The Dreamettes.


I’m at your feet. Have you considered asking the girl’s father for help? I’m bringing on Jolly Jenkins to stage a whole new show. Yeah, she’s a mature woman, like me, and she loves Jimmy just as much as I love Curtis.